Well, it looks like it’s the season for automakers to show off electric bicycle concepts, with Volkswagen now following Lexus’ lead with its own “bik-e” concept. Unlike Lexus’ hybrid concept, this one is a full-fledged electric bicycle (sans pedals), and it boasts a few innovations of its own, not the least of which is that it’s able to fold up and fit where you’d normally store a spare tire. It’s also apparently able to be charged using your car’s DC current in a pinch in addition to a standard AC outlet at home, and it promises to deliver a range of 20 kilometers on a full charge, along with a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour. What’s more, it seems like Volkswagen is actually looking at commercial possibilities for the bik-e, although it’s not making any firm commitments just yet. Head on past the break for a quick look at the bike in action, and some dancing.


Volkswagen bik-e concept unveiled at Beijing

Volkswagen presented bik-e electric bicycle at Auto Show in Beijing. It is still in concept stage and won’t be a production model, at least in the near future. Germans from Volkswagen presented the bik-e concept at Beijing Auto Show. The bicycle have an electric propulsion, the pedals aren’t mobile just supporting the legs of the traveler. The new concept is part of the of the electric mobility program of the manufacturer in Wolfsburg, but won’t be a production model.


The entire framework is designed very “clean”, there isn’t visible any externally mechanical thing, excepting the joints of the framework. Volkswagen step in the footsteps of manufacturers such as Honda, which introduced the concept of a personal transport system at the New York Auto Show last year.


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