Coming across with gastric, and acidity issues is a pretty common thing for the contemporary people. Especially, the modern lifestyle that emphasizes more on desk jobs reflects lack of physical works those eventually invite issues like Gastric and Acidity. As we can’t compromise with our lifestyle, we are having an obvious option of finding the best alternatives. On this context dealing these things with Yoga is a very good option to consider. Check out these following Yoga Poses . These are playing Top 5 Yoga Exercise for Acidity and Gastric Relief.

Top 5 Yoga Exercise for Acidity and Gastric Relief:

1) Paschimottanasana


This is one of the most effective procedures among all. It is stretching exercises those activate the internal organs like stomach and lever to deal with the issue. It is equally effective for reducing belly fat as well.


1. Spread any cloth or mats on a fl+6at parallel surface.

2. Stretch both your legs, and keep your toes at the same level.

3. Keep your back or spinal position as straight as it is possible.

4. Take deep breath and bend yourself to hold your toes.

5. Try to make your elbow touch the ground. Don’t put more effort it doesn’t happen smoothly due to your extra masses at waist regions.

2) Sarvangasana

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This is a bit difficult, but one of the most effective thing to perform. As the body is completely turned upside down it makes the abdominal parts functional to deal with the problems well. Go through the yoga poses for gastric and acidity relief.


1. Make sure the surface is flat enough, and then spread your cloth.

2. Sleep straight facing upward and your palms should on the surface.

3. Lift one of the two legs slowly at 30 degree, then 60, and finally 90 degree.

4. Do the same thing for the other leg

5. Now use your hands to act as the support for your back and try to make it as high as it is possible.

6. Now you can bring back your legs the same way making first 30, 60 degrees and finally placing it on the ground.

3) Anulom-Vilom


This is like a one for all solution Yoga option. It basically controls the breath that makes all the nerves and cells active. It is a fantastic option for gastric and acidity relief.


1. Sit on a spread mat on a flat surface folding both your legs with a relaxed mind.

2. Keep your back straight and close your eyes.

3. Close right side of your nose with thumb and slowly breath in, but make it as long as it is possible.

Hold it for a few second.

4. Then put the other four fingers at the left side and release breathes at a stretch.

5. Now intake through the right nose and continue the process for a few minutes.

4) The Cycling Pose

The pose looks pretty apparent from its gesture to be effective for gastric issues. Apart from this, it is again a good exercise for reducing belly fats as well.


1. Sleep on a flat surface as mentioned in above case (Sarvangasana).

2. Keep your palms intact with the ground

3. Lift one of your legs at about 60 degrees and start rotating first clock/anti-clock wise up to 20-30 times. Do it with the same leg in a reverse manner.

4. Next repeat the process with the other leg as well

5. Now join both your legs and rotate in the same fashion both in clock and anti-clock manner.

5) Pavanmuktasana


This is another effective Yoga activity for dealing with the gastric issues. It makes the internal organs like stomach and lever activated to control the gastric juice in a proper manner.


1. First Sleep as of the above cases.

2. Squeeze your legs from knees and hold it through both the hands.

3. Now try to get lifted staying as of the above case and try to make your nose touches the knees

Get back to original sleeping position and repeat the process few more times for the best result.

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