Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world

The world is primarily a place for all kinds of existence, organisms big and small, weak and strong. Or may be, what we’ve discovered today, could be contradicted by some new discovery in the future. Birds are awesome and they come in various shape and sizes. The Smallest bird in the world (Bee Hummingbird) weighs just 1.6 gm whereas the largest Bird in the world (Ostrich) weights 104 Kg. Lets Look at Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world.

1. The Bee hummingbird

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world bee hummingbird-bird-bee-fly-background

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world

No doubt about that, every one’s so sure about that, Bee Hummingbird, tops every list that talks about the smallest birds in the world. Bee Hummingbird, weighs just 1.6 – 2g and is 5 – 6cm in length. Don’t let their small size fool you. They’re quite a fast flier – up to 80km/hr. And has the capability beats its wings 80 times per second.

Lenght: 5.5 cm
Weight: 1.6 – 1.8 g


2. The Weebill

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Weebill

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world

The 8-9 cm long Weebill is the smallest known Australian bird. The tiny species inhabit throughout the woodlands of Australia. Weeebill named after its short pale beak. The bird has light brown feathers and yellowish underparts. They live in small flocks and remain in the same area throughout the year. They made dome shaped nest using grass, vegetation and feathers before breeding season. The small and thick beak of help the bird to catch very small insects.

Lenght: 8 – 9 cm
Weight: 6 g

3. The Pardalote

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Pardalote

These are tiny and pretty birds. because of the lovely spots on its crown and its wings, the spotted paradolate is also famous as a ‘diamond bird’. Eucalyptus trees are its favourite nesting place. Lenght: 9 – 11 cm Weight: 8 – 11 g

Lenght: 9 –11 cm
Weight: 8 –11 g

4. The Golden Headed cisticola

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world Golden headed Cisticola

They are also called Taylor bird owing to its ability to ‘sew’ leaves along thus on prepare its nest.

Lenght: 10 cm
Weight: 10 g


5. The Goldcrest

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Goldcrest

Goldcrest is the smallest song bird of Ireland which measure 9 cm in length. They named after their bright yellow crown. The beautiful small bird is also called as ‘king of birds’ across Europe. The striking crown of the bird also bounded by thick black markings. They have olive green upper parts and pale yellow underparts. They also have attractive small and thin beak.

Lenght: 8 – 9 cm
Weight: 5 – 7 g

6. The Brown Gerygone

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Brown Gerygone

Brown gerygone is one of the smallest passerine birds in the world. They only grow up to 8-10 cm long. Brown gerigones are live in coastal areas and rain forests of Australia. It’s upper parts are in olive grey and has a creamy under parts. They usually found in small groups consist of three or four birds. Brown gerygones spend most of time on treetops to catch flying insects.

Lenght: 9 – 11cm
Weight: 5 – 6 g

7. American Goldfinch

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world American Goldfinch

American goldfinches are usually found in large flocks. In winter season they migrate from the Canadian border to U.S and Mexico. During breeding season they move to North Carolina of United States. They also make calls of different pattern depending upon the conditions.

Lenght: 10 – 11 cm
Weight: app. 9.5 g

8. The Bananaquit

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Bananaquit

Bananaquit can be commonly found in the west indies, Caribbean islands and in southern part of Brazil. Bananaquit is a highly social animal and can be found in flower and fruit gardens in search of food. Bananaquit has dark grey upper part, and bright yellow lower part with Black head crown. It’s curved bill helps to eat nectar from flowers. As it cannot hover like hummingbird, it perches every time they eat. In breeding season it lays 2-4 white eggs which takes 12-14 days to hatch. 9 grams weight and 9.5 cm length puts Bananaquit at 8th position in the list of Top 10 smallest birds in the world.

Lenght: 7.5 – 12 cm
Weight: 5.5 – 19 g

9. The Tropical Parula

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Tropical Parula

The tiny 11 cm long tropical parulas as mainly found across South of Mexico and Texas. The bird has bluish upper part and bright yellow underparts. The wing bars of tropical parulas are in white. Unlike male parulas females birds appears to be slightly duller. There are 14 subspecies of tropical parulas in the world. All the subspecies are vary by color and size (between 11 and 15 cm). Insects, spiders and berries are the main items within their diet list.

Lenght: app. 11 cm
Weight: app. 3 g

10. The Crimson Chat

Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world The Crimson Chat

small pretty crimson chats are endemic to Australia. The adult birds reach up to a length of 10-13 cm and have weight up to 13 grams. Crimson chat are one of unique Australian birds that walk and run where other birds used to spring. The male bird has a brilliant red crown and breast. They also have black markings around the throat and eyes. Crimson chats are also named after their attractive plumage.

Lenght: 10 – 12 cm

Weight: 10– 11 g

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