1. VIENNA (Austria)


Vienna is the intellectual, financially viable, and opinionated heart of the realm. It has the premier GDP amid all Austrian conurbations at above $55,000. Vienna’s capability to renovate old infrastructure into contemporary abode triumph the city the 2010 United Nations metropolitanscheduling award for recuperating the source of revenue circumstances of its inhabitants. Underneath a multimillion dollar curriculum, the city revamped supplementary than 5,000 buildingswith virtually 250,000 apartments. Vienna is also the world’s No. 1 destination for symposium, illustration five million vacationers a year are correspondent to three tourists for apiece dweller.



Zurich is Switzerland’s prevalent metropolis amid the paramount appeal of existence in the human race. It is known as a global financial center one out of mutually nine employments in Switzerland is pedestal in Zurich. Their squat tax tariffs magnetize foreign country conglomerates. The chattels of the 82 banks established there are comparable to additional than 85 percent of the entire assessment of possessions apprehended in Switzerland. The city is furthermore the country’s prime vacationer destination, illustrious for its lakeside locality and shackle of hills that run from north to south, provided that an all embracing assortment of leisure bustles.


Auckland city, Westhaven Marina and harbour view, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s prevalent and densely inhabited city.  Auckland proffers the preeminent eminence of life in the Asia Pacific expanse. Auckland is distinctively positioned flanked by two waterfronts with 11 vanished volcanoes and copious islands which formulate it the city with the world’s prevalent boat tenure per person. Auckland is New Zealand’s economic inspiration its 1.4 million people financial credit for more than 30 percent of the country’s inhabitants and furnish 35 percent to the country’s GDP.



Munich is Germany’s third prevalent city and one of the country’s entire profitable hearts. It is also one of three German cities. Munich is home to some of Germany’s most distinguished conglomerates. The city engenders virtually 30 percent of the vulgar conjugal merchandise of the State of Bavaria. Munich’s per capita is purchasing supremacy was more than $33,700 in 2011.



Vancouver has made it to a number of evaluations on the worlds the majority inhabitable cities over the precedent decade. Vancouver is also its greenest city with the nominal carbon trail of several major metropolises in North America. It is delimited by dampen and hoary mountains. Vancouver’s government persistently endorse green building, scheduling and expertise with the aspiration of becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020.



The city by the river Rhine is the seventh mainly colonized in Germany and is legendary for its trends and trade associations. Dusseldorf’s elevated customary of living wage is an immense exemplify for the exceedingly affluent city. The city has additional millionaires than any further German city.


Frankfurt Panorama HD

Frankfurt the prevalent pecuniary hub in continental Europe. It is dwelling to foremost associations such as the European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Frankfurt is also a major transfer focal point for essential Europe given its contemporary infrastructure, counting an incorporated high speed banister association and a hectic international airport. The city is also building a reputation for its affable environmental ascendancy.



Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, down the banks of Lake Geneva, the city’s innate atmosphere also formulates it one of the greenest cities in Europe. About 20 percent of Geneva is sheltered by green areas giving it the name “city of parks.” The city has fundraiser from stringent air pollution laws and other environmental reunion, given that it is the foundation of many global ecological assemblages.



Health is a gigantic precedence for the Danish people with virtually a quarter of them ripened 60 and older according to government statistics. Augmented health responsiveness has deciphered into Denmark becoming one of the leading patrons and manufacturer of macrobiotic groceries in Europe. Almost 75 percent of food served by city run businesses like day cares in Copenhagen is organic. Copenhagen is also known as the city of cyclists with a total 218 miles of cycle tracks.



Positioned in the Swiss plateau, Bern has been competent to retain its medieval charm. In 1983, its city core known as the old town of Bern became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Habitually echelon among the most expensive cities in the world. Preceding year it was ranked as the second safest city to live in the world after Luxembourg.

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