In a list of such rankings are always controversial, but undeniably appears at the top of the list are the Armed Forces of the United States. And more devastating weapons, the Americans have a workforce of 1,580 million troops (just after China in this regard) and spending a fortune for their military defense for years, 663.225 billion dollars in 2009, giving 2088, $ 15 per capita, one of the biggest expenses of the planet.


To designate the Queen of the armies is easy, but finding the rest of the ranking is not so simple. The first version of the list was made ​​based on data provided by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, the acronym), the most respected independent organization that monitors the status of the world’s armies.

According to statistics from the IISS, he was detained three comparative data: the size of each army, military budgets and total expenditure per capita. But as technology and power weapons are also important points, we decided to evaluate the arsenal of every nation using the analysis of a specialist in military affairs – these are his comments in the rankings. In addition to the top ten, the specialist draws attention to two other strong countries: Japan and Germany.

“The Japanese ships, tanks and guns What owe nothing in terms of technology to the Americans. The Germans also have a well-equipped army. The highlight is the Leopard 2 tank , one of the best of all time. ”
* The statistics were compiled on data from 2002, rely on day in 2009 with the sources of the Yearbook of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (International Institute for Strategic Studies – IISS)

Here Is a List of Top 10 Most Powerful Armies in the World :

1. UNITED STATES – Armed Forces of the United States


Employees: 1,580,000 soldiers
Annual military expenditure: 663,255 billion (2088.15 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
Deployed heads: 2468
Sole military superpower. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States has the most powerful navy in the world including you-por dozen giant airplanes , most nuclear propulsion. The country also has the largest nuclear arsenal , has modern weapons operated by computers and guided by satellites. With more than 15,000 aircraft, 290 warships, 8,300 tanks and 1,580,000 men under arms, Uncle Sam continues its military hegemony. This overwhelming superiority is mainly due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which allowed the United States to advance their pawns in the Middle East and give a baptism of fire to hundreds of thousands. This leadership position is however at risk from budget cuts in the U.S. defense sector and facing the rise of China.

2. RUSSIA – Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Employees: 1,027,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 61.000 billion (1616.33 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
Deployed heads: 4630
The main heir of the former Soviet Union has a large staff and an area of ​​military research vanguard, but few resources to purchase equipment. Astronomical numbers have decreased, but during the Cold War, the Soviet Union had increased its workforce to 5.3 million soldiers – a record – and produced more than 70,000 battle tanks T-54 series / T-55/T-62. Inferior to Western models, they would could take over the quantity. Russia remains the world’s second military power, thanks to its impressive nuclear arsenal. Moscow, unlike Washington, greatly increasing its military budget, in a spirit of modernization that affects all sectors of Russian society. The Kremlin has more than 2,800 tanks, 4,500 aircraft and 224 warships. To support its military power, Russia can count on its significant hydrocarbon resources and its vast borders that allow it to consider a projection in a wide range of action areas (Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus, Far East, Middle East).

3. CHINA – People’s Liberation Army


Employees: 2,285,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 98.800 billion (73.49 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
The most populous country in the world has a number of nuclear weapons and has always had many armed forces, but the rudimentary level of its arms industry allows him p ace to equip its troops with weapons of past generations. This has recently changed the opening economic and political leap over the last two decades have led China to invest in modernizing its military arsenal. The Chinese People’s Army is the largest in the world, with 2,285,000 men under arms. The Chinese have 8,000 tanks, 5,000 aircraft and 972 warships. In 2012, the Chinese launched their first aircraft carrier, joining an exclusive club. A second is under construction. China’s military budget is growing. Beijing is involved in many military-industrial espionage scandals, particularly to the United States.

4. UNITED KINGDOM – British Armed Forces

British Armed Forces

Employees: 187,970 soldiers
Annual military spending: 69.271 billion (1096.37 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
Deployed Heads: 160
Until the Second World War (1939-1945), Britain was the greatest naval power in the world. After the war, the Royal Navy is still less a major marine world. The staff has always been low, but it is one of the world’s most professional, well equipped with tanks, armored personnel carriers and a plethora of missiles.

5. FRANCE – French Army

French Army

Employees: 362,485 soldiers
Annual military spending: 67.316 billion (1021.13 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
Deployed 300 heads
To protect against the threat of communism during the Cold War, the French had developed its own nuclear force with the three traditional ways of launching nuclear weapons: missile silos, submarines and aircraft. Military industry is one of the main in Europe, producing tanks and planes great qualities as the series Rafale.

6. NORTH KOREA – Korean People’s Army

Korean People’s Army

Employees: 1,106,000 soldiers
Annual military spending :: 4.7 billion (U $ D 214 per capita) (2002)
Nuke: yes
Struck by poverty, the country is one of the most militarized of the earth. Involved in territorial disputes with South Korea since the 40s, the communist North has its of the many troops and much of conventional weapons . In recent decades are, the country has developed a technology to produce nuclear weapons.

7.  INDIA – Indian Armed Forces

Indian Armed Forces

Employees: 1,325,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 36.60 billion (30.70 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
The second most populous country in the world has always been at war with its Muslim neighbors. Today, its biggest rival is Pakistan, with many land disputes in Kashmir. Indian warfare troops are among the best equipped in developing countries. In addition to many soldiers, India possesses nuclear weapons and missiles to carry them.

8. PAKISTAN – Pakistan Armed Forces

Pakistan Armed Forces

Employees: 620,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 4.823 billion (25.74 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
The largest Muslim military power has an economy and a population less than its rival India, but to create a “balance of terror” in Southeast Asia. Pakistan has also invested in nuclear weapons. We know little about their nuclear weapons arsenal and the country. But the existence of nuclear weapons on each side of the border has forced India and Pakistan to a tense coexistence but “peaceful” as much as possible.

9. SOUTH KOREA – South Korean Armed Forces

Countries-With-Largest-Armies-In-2014-South-Korea South Korean Armed Forces

Employees: 672,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 27.130 billion (U $ D 557.82 per capita)
Nuke: no
Thanks to the protection of the United States, the country has achieved an economic, scientific and technological level far superior to its northern neighbor. Because of the crisis with the Communists, South Korea maintains a powerful army on its borders, but does not have nuclear weapons. Military equipment is of high quality, bought the Americans, but developed locally with the help of the Yankees.


IDF army

Employees: 177,000 soldiers
Annual military spending: 14.309 billion (1877.90 U $ D per capita)
Nuke: yes
Small and sparsely populated, Israel has engaged in conflict with its Arab neighbors and decided to arm themselves to the teeth. To compensate for their numerical inferiority, the Israelis have opted for quality: their troops are among the best trained in my of their strength airline has an advanced technology and experience in combat that it has developed some of the best available weapons.

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