Fishes are amongst the beautiful creatures in the world. The nature has gifted us with countless fish species. Some of them are used for eating, while others are just kept in artificial aquariums to beautify our environment. Despite the fact that the fishes are very beautiful, sometimes they prove to be extremely dangerous as well. Here are the top 10 most dangerous fishes in the world.

10. The Stonefish:


The Stonefish is known to be highly dangerous and one of the weirdest fishes of the sea. Its structure and colors resemble the stones of the seas this is why remain hidden. The Stonefish attacks its preys and kills them at the spot.

9. The Snakehead Fish:

Snakehead Fish

The Snakehead fish’s habitat is oceans and seas of China, Russia and Korea. This fish is found both in natural and artificial ecosystems and is known to eat up all the tiny fishes and other water species which become the hurdle in its way of reaching a new water reservoir.

8. Fire Coral:

Fire Coral

Fire Coral are cute to look but cannot be touched. Why? This is because they contain powerful strings and invisible tentacles. The Fire Coral fish attacks its prey and can insert dangerous venom in the blood circulation, leading to vomiting, severe headache and death.

7. Lionfish:


The Lion fishes live in Caribbean and Eastern Atlantic. They belong to Scorpionfishfamily. The Lion fishes look beautiful but their one bite can lead a sea-diver to death. So be careful while diving into the deep seas and oceans and stay miles away from their groups and colonies.

6. Electric Eel:

Electric Eel

Electric Eel is known to have over 700 volts electric current in its body. Its one shock is enough to kill the humans and other living creatures. These fishes are found in school labs, seas, oceans, pounds and lakes.

5. Piranha:


Piranha is the fish specie which is quite small in size. A movie with the same name was also made. The origin of this fish is South America and Brazil. Piranhas are tiny yet quite toxic and bite their preys for obtaining food.

4. Pufferfish:

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Islands in the Stream 2002

Puffer fish is a highly poisonous and dangerous fish present in oceans. Their venom contains tetrodotoxin which is a life-killing material. This material is found in the ovaries and intestine of the puffer fish. It bite its preys, inserting the venom into his body and leads him to death or paralysis.

3. Crocodiles:


If you are confusing the crocodiles with reptiles then let me tell you that this is a fish form as well. They are dangerous and swallow the big living things because they have big mouths and extremely sharp teeth.

2. Chironex (Box Jellyfish):

Chironex jelly fish

Box Jellyfish (also called Chironex) is one of the most dangerous fishes in the world. It has sharp teeth and contains venom. They bite their preys and get their food, returning the venom insertion into their bodies.

1. Tiger Fish:

tiger fish

The tiger fish, as is clear with its name, is extremely brave fish specie. It has razor sharp teeth and is known to be the real hunter of oceans. The tiger fishes are excessively found in Congo River and can kill the other water species and human beings in no time.

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