As dreadful as may sound, computer viruses can be a nightmare that might cause extensive damage to your innocent machine. It can significantly disrupt your system’s performance and has the potential to wipe out everything on your hard disk. Like cancer, pneumonia and other deadly diseases are to humans, computer viruses are to computers. It is designed to persistently replicate itself and corrupt your smart little baby making it sick and helpless. I don’t think today, there is anybody, who can afford to loose the secrets they tell to their dearest reliable friend or can endure to let some virus affect the system that is so close to them. Those who have gone through a virus attack on their computers knows too well what this fuss is all about and those who haven’t should know about  some of the most dangerous computer viruses and the destruction they caused. Lets Look at the Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever:

10. Melissa:


Melissa is one of the most dangerous computer viruses ever. On 26th March, 1999, this virus became the headline of the news all over the world. It had damaged thousands of computers in no time. This virus made use of Microsoft Outlook and contaminated the systems via emails. Its antivirus has now been created which inactivate the virus but doesn’t remove it completely.

9. SQL Slammer:


The SQL Slammer had damaged more than 600,000 computers and servers all around the world in only 12 hours. Most of the systems were of South Korea and America. This virus came into being on 25th January, 2003. Its single packet contains 376-byte worms to damage numerous IP addresses in the world.

8. CIH:

CIH virus

CIH has so far damaged the systems of over 100 million dollars all around the world. This virus was first unleashed in Taiwan in June, 1998. CIH has been named as one of the most dangerous computer viruses ever launched. It is likely to damage the Windows 95, 98, and ME and files and credentials saved in such computers. If you don’t take measures and install a powerful antivirus, it is likely to damage your computer permanently.



ILOVEYOU is, no doubt, one of the most dangerous and trickiest malwares ever detected. This was first discovered in the computer systems of Philippines on 4th May, 2000. this virus has so damaged the systems of worth $6 billions all over the world.

6. My Doom:

My Doom virus

My Doom’s damage was detected back on 26th January, 2004. This is a highly dangerous and randomly spreading virus. It is spread via spam email attachments containing attractive statements like “You have your cheque inside the attachment, please open it” etc. If you receive something similar from an unknown email ID, don’t go for that at any cost.

5. Code Red:

Code Red virus

Code Red was unleashed in June, 2001. This computer worm is known to damage various network servers and creates flaws via Microsoft Internet Information Server. An antivirus cannot remove its effects until or unless it is extremely powerful to kill the virus and stop its working properly in your system.

4. Sobig F:

Sobig F virus

Sobig F was recognized in August, 2003. This virus damages both domestic and corporate computer systems. It is highly destructive, even more than any other virus of Sobig series. It spreads and impacts both in online and offline formats, so you are better to install an antivirus.

3. Conficker:

Conficker virus

Conflicker is a highly dangerous virus, which got recognized in 2009. It is also known as Downup, Domnadup and Kido virus. This is likely to spread via Microsoft Windows’ operating systems and its different softwares. Once you get something from Microsoft collection make sure you have an antivirus installed.

2. Storm Worm:


The Storm Worm is a deadly and highly destructive virus. Its malicious program was first discovered in 2006 when the computer users complained abut receiving spam emails with the text “230 dead as storm batters Europe”. This virus has damaged over $12 millions’ systems the world over.

1. Nimda:

nimida virus

Nimda was surfaced for the first time in 2001. This virus’s name has derived from the word “Admin” which has been spelled backward. This virus damages your email box, server and computer files to much extent so you should have a powerful antivirus installed all the times.

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