Top 10 Laptop Manufacturing Companies In the World

Top 10 Laptop Manufacturing Companies In the World

Technology has helped us to make our lives easier. Internet has emerged as one of the most resourceful tool today. It has communication from any corner of the world to any other corner simpler. The advent of laptops was also a welcome change. They enabled you to work on the go, anywhere and everywhere. There are so many brands available today that picking one is also a confusing task. With increasing competition in the market, laptops are packed with new features each day to allure the customers. So, below we list the Top 10 Laptop Manufacturing Companies In the World

1. Apple


Apple undoubtedly rules the laptop market. Apple has been manufacturing the Mac book for years now. Time and again it has introduced new features to the Mac book and also has to its credit manufacturing the thinnest laptops. The sleek, simple, light-weighted white color Mac books are worth the price. Now, with the launch of iPad it has introduced tablet PC to the markets.

2. Alienware


Alienware is an American based hardware company that was founded in the year 1996. The company was acquired by Dell in the year 2006 and is known for its unique features, LED lighting system is one of them. The lighting system is integrated in the keyboard, so one can type even if it is dark around. Another unique feature is that it has a CD slot instead of a tray. So just insert in your CD’s and get going.



Sony is another pioneer and has introduced some of the best features over the past years. The company has been offering top notch services since 1946 and has always been known for its innovation. Sony manufactures laptops under the name of Vaio series and has a considerable sale in the market. There are different series like W, Z, and AW. SR etc. one can select from.



ASUS is a Taiwan based company that was founded in the year 1990. Since then it has offering world class products. ASUS manufactured its first laptop in the year 2007 and named it as the Eee notebook. It became instantly popular due to its innovative and unique features. It has won several awards too. The net books are known for their sharp display and long battery backup.

5. Dell

Inspiron 15R Notebooks with SWITCH by Design Studio Lids

Dell is emerged as the company for the masses. It has something to cater to everyone as per their needs and the budgets. It offers the most advanced features as the most competitive prices. The laptops can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes. The added advantage with Dell is one can order a customized laptop online. So one pays only for what they need. Inspiron and Studio are the highest selling model.

6. Lenovo


Lenovo is a Chinese company but that does not affect the quality of its laptops. It has to its credits introducing some of the most innovative products. ThinkPad notebook series is one of the best selling laptop by the company and it has won several awards too. Lenovo is also known for the Idea Pad series.

7. Acer

Acer Aspire R7_Ezel_678x452

Acer is another Taiwan based and manufactures some of the top laptops available in the market. The Aspire One series is always on the wish list of everyone. The company is known for its unique features at affordable rates. Acer has also entered the tablet PC market with Acer Iconia A500.

8. HP

HP laptops

Hewlett Packard or more commonly known as HP has been in the market for years. It was one of the first company that offered computers in the market. Later it entered the laptop market. The HP pavilion series cater to everyday needs of the user.

9. Gateway


Gateway is based in California and offers some of the high-end laptops. The laptop by the company is known for its performance and services.

10. Toshiba


Last but not the least; Toshiba is a Japanese company that is known for its looks, features and performance. Satellite and Tecra are its highest selling models.It was founded by two companies in 1939 and Toshiba is the first Laptop developer in the world.

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