The 10 greatest soccer teams in the world history have for long been participating in different leagues, with some managing to take home some of the top ranking titles. This is as a result of the great support from very skilled team members as well as fans.In addition, the soccer teams which rank top have been under the leadership of strong and highly skilled managers. Though there are alterations of managers at one point or the other, the teams keep on registering impressive results and top marks. Below is a list of the top 10 greatest soccer teams of all times:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer Teams Of All Times :

10. Liverpool


Liverpool is an England based soccer team and one of the most successful not only in the country but in the world level as well. For a long time now, Liverpool has been under a strong management which is the key reason behind their outstanding performances. Liverpool bears thousands of fanatics across the globe hence their guiding motto you will never walk alone’.

Liverpool has made a good number of appearances in key matches including The English Premier League and has managed to take home several titles. This is as a result of their great spirit and contribution from the world ranking Liverpool players.

9. Juventus


This Italian soccer team is one of the most recognized not only in the country but also in the world level. This is as a result of the team’s outstanding performances which have seen the team take home more than 51 trophies since its inception back in 1887. The team has appeared in different world soccer competitions especially in the European countries.

Though Juventus failed to appear in several seasons of the key leagues, their spirit never dwindles. The team has managed to interest more than 170,000 fanatics from different countries in the world.

8. Roma


This is yet another Italian soccer team which is formally recognized as A.S Roma. It is one of the best performing teams in the world’s history since it has managed to win some of the top ranking titles.Roma soccer team was established back in 1927. Though it was initially not so strong, Roma soccer team performances have grow from one level to another in the past several decades. The team comprises of award winning soccer stars with some of them representing their countries in the World Cup. In addition, the team has been under the management of great managers hence the team’s great strength.

7. Valencia


Based in Spain, Valencia is one of the teams made of great names globally. Though the team was not initially well known, its popularity keeps on escalating to higher levels each time they participate in major soccer competitions. The team has been in a position to win a great deal of titles with its players winning world ranking awards.Valencia soccer team is always under the great support of iconic managers who have played a great role in raising the team’s flag higher and higher. In addition, this football team has a lot of fans from all over the world. Their great support has been the key contributor to the team’s success all along.

6. Arsenal


Arsenal comes as a great name in the English Premier League. It is has for long held a record of impressive results. The club was brought to existence back in 1893 but was officially known as Woorich. The team acquired its new name -Arsenal’- years later.Arsenal is one team with great players of all times. Moreover, the team has been under the leadership of key managers with names like Arsene Wenger appearing in the list. This explains the long outstanding performance of this team. Arsenal not only participates in the English Premier League but also in the UEFA Champions League among others.

5. Inter Milan


Inter Milan was formed back in 1908 by a team of rebels who had a sole intention of inviting foreign players to join the team. Since then, the team has been performing remarkably well in different competitions. As a matter of fact, Inter Milan made history back in 1910 when it won the Italian league title. The team has been appearing top up-to-date.Inter Milan has made key appearances in international leagues and it is one of the teams with a great number of fanatics. The team celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008.

4. Chelsea


Chelsea, commonly known by its fans as The blues’, was formed in 1905 and has for long managed to keep a great record of credible results. As a matter of fact, it is a key challenger of other soccer superpowers. As a matter of fact, Chelsea never fails to appear among the top 3 teams in key European leagues.Chelsea is one of the soccer teams which have been led by a quite a good number of managers. Perhaps it is the combination of great leadership minds which has seen it win top titles in different occasions. Chelsea did the unthinkable when it won two subsequent championship titles in 2005 and 2006.

3. Real Madrid


Real Madrid is regarded one of the most talented soccer teams in the history of Spain. It was established back in 1900 and has managed to show impressive performances in different leagues since then. This is with regard to its best line-up of iconic players as well as best leadership.Real Madrid is one of the teams which have in the last 8 years attracted best players from other leading teams. Not once or twice has Real Madrid won great titles or ranked in the list of the three best in different international soccer competitions.

2. Barcelona


Barcelona, also known as ‘Barca‘, is one of the best performing soccer teams globally. The team was established in 1899 and has shown nothing short of impressive results since then. In the past several years, Barcelona soccer team has managed to acquire some of the world strongest players.With the likes of Lionel Messi among others who have ever appeared in the list of players, Barcelona has taken home a great deal of titles. As a matter of fact, Barcelona is regarded one of the strongest teams to challenge.

1. Manchester United


Who doesn’t know the Red Devils’? Manchester United is an English soccer team which was established in 1878. It is one of the teams which have made history in world records with regard to its outstanding and impressive results.Under the long leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United made its way to the top not only in the English Premier League but also in other great competitions. The team bears great names of players.

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