Cricket is a very Famous & Widely Played Game in the World & Bowling is a Crucial Part of the Cricket. There are lots of very Famous, fast & Aggressive bowlers in the history of Cricket who Made Their Names by Their Speed.Lets Look At The List of Top 10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket.

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket:

  • 01- Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar Bowling Speed: 161.3 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Shoaib Akhtar is a Former Pakistani right arm very Fast Bowler. who Represented the Pakistan National Team in All Forms of The Game, Shoaib Akhtar is Also Known As Rawalpindi Express. He is Regarded as the Fastest Bowler in the History of the Cricket. He set an official world record by achieving the fastest delivery, of 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) against England in 2003 World Cup. Till Now He is The Fastest Bowler In The List Of Top 10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket .

  • 02- Brett Lee

Brett Lee Bowling Speed: 161.1

Fastest Bowlers

Brett Lee is the fastestest Australian bowler in the Austrailian Cricket History, and the 2nd Fastest of All Time in The List Of Top 10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket . He bowled his fastest delivery at 160.8 kmph against New Zealand at Napier in 2005.

  • 03- Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait Bowling Speed: 161.1

Fastest Bowlers

Shaun William Tait is a Right Arm fast Bowler Who Represented Australian National Cricket Team, Shaun Tait is The No 3 in the fastest Bowlers list he bowled his fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph against England.

  • 04- Jeffrey Thompson

Jeff Thompson Bowling Speed: 160.4

Fastest Bowlers

Jeffrey Robert Thomson is a former Australian Right Arm Faster Bowler, he is at No 4 in the List.was the Fastest Bowler in His Era, his fastest delivery is 160.4 kmph against West Indies in Perth 1975.

  • 05- Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts Bowling Speed: 159.5 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Andy Roberts is a former West Indian Fast Bowler. He was the excellent fast bowler, twice taking seven wickets in an innings of a Test match. His fastest delivery is 159.5 kph against Australia in Perth 1975.

  • 06- Fidel Edwards

Fidel Edwards Bowling Speed: 157.7

Fastest Bowlers

Fidel Henderson Edwards is a West Indian Fast bowler, he is Playing For West Indies National Team Till Now. His fastest delivery is 157.7 kmph Came against South Africa in 2003. he is currently fastestof the world.

  • 7. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson bowling speed: 156.8 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Mitchell Johnson is the Australia’s Premier Fast Bowler, Who Can also Bat Low Down the Order. Mitchell Johnson is at #7 in list of Fastest Bowlers. he Bowled a Delivery with the speed of 156.8 kmph, 1n 4th Ashes Test, Day 3 Against England December 2013 at MCG.

  • 08- Mohammad Sami

Muhammad Sami Bowling Speed: 156.4 kmph

Fastest Bowlers

Mohammad Sami is a Pakistani Right Arm Fast Bowler. he is The 2nd Fastest Bowler in The Pakistan Cricket History and the No 7 in Our List. His fastest delivery 156.4 kmph ODI Came Out at Sharjah against Zimbabwe in April 2003.

  • 09- Shane Bond

Shane Bond Bowling Speed: 156.4

Fastest Bowlers

Shane Edward Bond New Zealand’s Right Arm Fast Bowler.Most Dangerous Bowler of His Time, His fastest delivery is – 156.4 kmph During World Cup 2003.

  • 10- Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn Bowling Speed: 155.7


Dale Willem Steyn is a South African Right Arm Fast Bowler. undoubtedly one of the greatest in history of fast bowling. His Fastest Delivery 155.7 kmph ODI Was Recorded against New Zealand. steyn is also at 2nd position in Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in the World.

  • 10- Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga Bowling Speed: 155.7

Fastest Bowlers

Separamadu Lasith Malinga is a Sri Lankan Right Arm Fast Bowler. He is a specialist fast bowler of shorter version of cricket, with a rare round-arm action. His fastest delivery is 155.7 kmph During World Cup 2011 against New Zealand at Mumbai.

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