Everyone has different hobbies, some like to dance, some are fond of gardening, few people like to cook and there are people who play instruments. Playing an instrument requires a lot of skills and practice, learning to play an instrument is not an easy task. It requires proper training and dedication. In many houses learning to play at least one instrument is a compulsory for every child, even though not every child is able to learn it because while playing an instrument you need to have that magical touch, the connection and the flow. Those who acquire that magical touch become professional musicians; they create their entire life out of music and dedicate their existence to music.

Violins beautiful

Music has always been a source of inspiration in life, different people have different tastes but at the end of the day it is the music we listen to, weather it is classical, jazz, rock, pop or metal. Music can change the mode swing of a person, it can bring a  person out of depression, it can make a person forget all the worries of life and it can remind a person of his first love. The flow of music is just like a flowing river, well composed and each note is in accordance with the next. A single piece of music we listen to is not created out of blue, but it takes a lot of things such as a well written songs, then its composition and then the instruments which are involved in it, not just one but there are couple of instruments used in just one song and then every instrument requires a person with complete expertise who would play it.

The making of these instruments itself is an art, there are some instruments like flute which do not require much working, we can consider them as our natural instruments. Then we have some instruments whose making is as complicated as any chemical compound, and then are some instruments whose making is based on sheer electrical engineering. These Instruments are costly and their maintenance too is very expensive.Lets Look at  The Top 10 Expensive Music Instruments.

Top 10 Expensive Music Instruments:

10. Sitar:

Sitar music instrument


Sitar is a historical instrument; its origin is dated back to the time of Mughals. These days it is used in Pakistan and India for classical music, this instrument brings a touch of the Persian theme in the music, sitar is the main ingredient for creating a piece of classical music. Normally a sitar would cost 300 $ to 3,000 $. The best sitars are from Hemand Calcutta ranging from 3,600 $ to 14,000 $.

9. Saxophone:

Saxophone musical instrument

World’s most expensive saxophone is Charles parker’s which went into auction for about 30,000 $ to 35,000 $, Charles Parker is a legend in jazz music was a marvelous saxophone player. The prices of saxophone depends on the company, for beginners an average saxophone will cost from 100$ to 1500$, for intermediate 1,000$ to 1,900 $, for professionals it can vary from 2,000 $ to 10,000 $. Tenos saxophone ranges from 750$ to 8,000$, Baritone saxophone from 2,600 $ to 7,000 $. For those who want the best quality they should go for contrabass which will cost from 15,000 $ – 32,000 $. There is another saxophone which is made up of diamonds incorporated in glass with some amount of gold, it is worth 60,000 $.

8. Music keyboard:

Music keyboard

A small keyboard comes in the face of piano keyboard, which is very small and has no features, it will cost a few hundred $. A real music keyboard with all the features will cost around 15,000 $. They are often very costly because they play a very vital role in composition of a song. It is used by professionals mostly, they can easily afford to pay a very high price.

7. Clarinet:

Clarinet jupiter-model-635n-standard-clarinet

Benny Goodman was the master of clarinet and most extraordinary & outstanding jazz musician. Goodman’s clarinet recently got sold for 25,000 $ and another of his clarinet got sold for 16,250 $. Any regular plastic clarinet will cost from 200 $ to 600 $ but a wooden one will 2,000 $ or more. Any clarinet under 1,000 will be listed as cheap, the quality of music won’t be great, most of them would be second hands so it is better to spend some money and buy a clarinet which is around 2,000 $.

 6. Trumpets:

Trumpets musical instrument

These days a good quality trumpet will range from 1200$ to 2700 $ mostly depending on the company you are buying from. The most expensive trumpet sold is Dizzy Gillespie’s favorite trumpet which went down in the market for 31,000$ and another went down for 55,000$. While buying a trumpet you can consider companies as Monette, Taylor, Holton, King, etc. A trumpet from Monette can cost you between 5,700$ to 11,000 $, and A Taylor will cost you nearly 27,000$.

5. Electric guitars:

Electric_Guitar musical instrument

An electric is completely different from an acoustic one in sound, strength, delivery and manufacturing. For an average electric guitar we will have to pay 400 $ to 1,800 $ but for a very good quality electric guitar you would have to spend 5,000 $ or more depending on the company. Then there are guitars which are much more expensive than 5,000$ such as Johnny mars signature Jaguar electric guitar by fender guitars. 3D printed scrub and spider guitars by Olaf diegel. Most expensive electric guitar is a 1949 Bigsby sold for 266,500 $

4. Acoustic Guitars:

Acoustic Guitars musical instrument

Like all the other musical instruments, guitars also have a very old history. We have a historic guitar which was manufactured by Eric Clapton in 1970’s, he brought 3 fender Stratocasters and merged them together to form one,  this splendid guitar went into auction for 959,500$. When we talk about guitars; Fender Stratocaster is the name, one of fender Stratocaster’s guitar got sold for 2 million $ and another went for 3.7 million $. The modern guitars which are used by the professionals these days come very costly.

3. Drum sets:

Drum sets musical intruments

An average drum set can cause you between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The most expensive drum set we have is worth 50,000 $ because it is made up of gold. Another one which we have is Keith moon’s silver kit, which was sold for 252,487 $ but only the half of the kit was sold. Keith moon was the greatest drummer ever in the history; unfortunately he died at the age of 32. There are many other expensive drum set such as drum workshop’s “Tamu Ash”

2. Piano:

Grand piano wallpapers

Pianos are very expensive; it is easy for everyone to afford them. If you go for a new grand piano then it will cost you about 15,000 $, however if you want to have a better quality piano then you range can vary till 35,000 $. If you want to go for the cheapest Steinway grand piano then it will cost you at least 12,000 $. The price of a piano depends on the wood used in the manufacture and the company. We have a handmade transparent crystal piano, made by Crystal Music Company, it is among the most expensive pianos in world, and we have the grand Rossa by Reslnno which is also very expensive. The most expensive piano ever sold is a legendary piano of John Lennon and his wife Yoko ono, it’s a Steinway model Z piano, this piano is also very much admired because it was featured in one of Lennon’s song “image”. It has been sold to George Michael for 2.08 million $.

1. Violins:

Violins musical instrument Most-Expensive-Violins

Violins are said to the most expensive musical instrument so far and they have a history of being sold at very high prices as well. the reason for such high price is its enticing melody and unique construction. An average violin may cause you a couple of thousand dollars but if you want the best quality then it can cause you much more than a few thousand dollars. Speaking of best violins Stradivari is name which comes to mind, Antonius Stradivari has manufactures over 1 thousand violins, all of them being absolutely amazing, among them the most expensive sold violin in “the hammer” auctioned for 3.5 million $, another named “lady tenant Stradivarius” of Stradivari’s violin got sold for 2.03 million $. Then we have Giuseppe Guarneri, another competitor of Antonius Stradivari whose violin got sold for 4 million $.

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