Luxury electric bikes in recent years have just garnered quite stellar reputation for not only being just Eco-friendly, but also for just bringing somewhat more bespoke elegance to the personal transportation. When you throw in some most expensive electric bikes in mix, then the end result turns out to be a just high end line of the efficient as well as the gorgeous electric motorcycles and the most expensiveelectric bicycles that have just been designed and developed keeping in the mind somewhat rapidly congesting streets of some major metropolitan cities on glob basis.Lets Look at the Top 10 Expensive Electric Bikes In The World.

Top 10 Expensive Electric Bikes In The World:

10. 2012 Empulse R

Designer: Brammo

Price: $19,000

Brammo is a leading name in field of the high performance electric bikes, earlier during this year unveiled all-new 2012 Empulse R which is a zero-emission all-electric bike that offers the riders with top speed in excess of the 100 mph.


9. C-1 Electric Motorcycle

Designer: Lit Motors

Price: $24,000 & $16,000

Earlier during this year the San Francisco based Lit Motors unveiled the latest offering in form of state of art electric bike called C-1 Electric Motorcycle. Designed and also developed as the two passenger electric motorbike C-1 featuresunique  andfully enclosed chassis design.


8. Terminus e-Bike Royal Edition

Designer: M55

Price: $38,500

Renowned electric bikes manufacturer named M55 expanded the widely acclaimed electric bike series with addition of all new Terminus e-Bike Royal Edition. Considered just to be one of most expensive e-bike, Royal Edition comes with  price of around $38,500 and also features specially crafted aluminum colored frame that is just studded with the dazzling Swarovski crystals.



Designer: Stefan Gulas

Price: $40,000

Combining efficiency of electric motor and the power of the kinetic energy, inventor named Stefan Gulas came up with revolutionary electric bike in form of the eROCKIT. Unveiled in year 2008, eROCKITis alsoessentially an electric bicycle which creates perfect balance between onboard electric motor and paddling efforts of rider to bring forth some truly unique driving experience.


6. Mission One Electric Motorcycle

Designer: Yves Behar

Price: $69,000

The man behind widely regarded One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project named Yves Behar made some headlines in year 2009 with introduction of new electric bike called the Mission One. Unveiled at TED Conference, Mission One was also showcased as limited edition high performance electric bike which carries a price of around $69,000.


5. Orphiro Electric Motorcycle

Designer: Orphiro

Price: $70,000

Most Expensive Electric Bikes include Orphiro Electric Motorcycle.Designed and also developed by the Alexander Steegh of Netherlands and also his team at Fontys University of Applied Science, the Orphiro is known as an electric motorcycle that by sheer looks is somewhat reminiscent of yester years, while sporting the 21st century technology.

4. ZecOO Electric Motorcycle

Designer: Kota Nezu (Znug Design)

Price: $70,000

Unveiled at the year 2012 Tokyo Motor Show, ZecOO’s Electric Motorcycle has also been touted as high performance electric bike which is of capable of high speeds, some extended range and also carrying robust design for modern bikers.


3. BlackTrail BT-01

Designer: PG-Bikes

Price: $80,000

Most Expensive Electric Bikes include BlackTrail BT-01. Introduced in year 2010, BlackTrail BT-01 is known as an electric bike designed and also developed by Germany based company PG-Bikes in collaboration with the UBC which is the leading name in field of the carbon fiber products. The BT-01 has also been designed to mimic the conventional bikes of 1930s, while carrying the cutting edge advancements from the battery powered propulsion.


2. Peraves Mono Tracer Electric MTE-150

Top 10 Expensive Electric Bikes In The World

Designer: Peraves AG

Price: $106,640

Most Expensive Electric Bikes include PeravesMonoTracer’s Electric MTE-150. Designed and also developed by the Switzerland based company Peraves AG,PeravesMonoTracer’s Electric MTE-150 is known as an electric motorbike which made headlines earlier during this year with over top performance figures and also the passenger comfort. This expensive electrical bike that features perfectly done fusion of the technology, along with some amenities, which in is also truly unique in electric motorcycle.


1. The Detonator

Designer: Daniel Simon

Price: $150,000

Most Expensive Electric Bikes include The Detonator.Inspired by Hollywood blockbuster, the Tron Legacy’s renowned designer Daniel Simon of the Cosmic Motor stunned auto world with unveiling of fabulous new luxury electric bike named, The Detonator. Hailed as most expensive electric bike Detonator carries price around $150,000 and somewhat sports uniquely futuristic design which is coupled with the state of art technology.

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