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No matter where a man will travel and the reason to why he’ll choose to travel there, he’ll always be interested in how beautiful and smart the girls in his destination country are. Regardless if one loves blondes, brunettes or redheads, there is certainly a country that has all of them and more and that is why below we will take a look at the Top 10 Countries With Beautiful and Hottest Women.


Top 10 Countries With Beautiful and Hottest Women :

10. Poland

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Poland is the most western of the Slavic countries and because of that when traveling here one will be able to see a lot of beautiful girls with striking blue eyes, delicate facial features and fair skin. However, many Polish girls are looking towards meeting a real man and that is why those who want to be with them need to man up. As for their beliefs, girls here believe in traditional gender roles and believe that guys should be the one to provide everything most of the times. And because they mostly speak English and have a unique, yet strange sense of humor (in the good way), they proudly take the number ten spot on our list.

9. Lithuania

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Lithuania is also known as the land of the blondes and since they are Livonian and not Slavic (a very small European racial group with good physical traits) there is no wonder as to why so many men around the world think Lithuanian girls are the prettiest out there. Even more, girls here don’t play games, they are enchanting, beautiful and also cheeky, appreciating real men who know how to attract their attention and treat them right.

8. Ukraine

Ukraine cute girl hot womens sexy fans

A typical Ukrainian girl is a Russian girl with more delicate features, darker hair and a more petite stature, making her one of the most beautiful girls in Europe and also around the world. Since their society though is quite poor, most of the times people visiting here will be able to see young and gorgeous looking girls with older people. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot get a Ukrainian girl, since there are still many who love foreigners and would not hesitate to be with one of them.

7. Sweden

Sweden beautiful cute womens girls fans

No best looking or hottest girls list is complete without counting Swedish girls in. The blue eyed, blonde and tall girls in Sweden have an attitude of total liberation and the majority are also quite funny and well educated. Being around a Swedish girl is a very liberating experience and guys who want to experience what a real woman should be all about, needs to definitely come to Sweden and meet some of the hot locals here.

6. Germany

Germany beautiful cute hot lovely sexy women girl

Those who have had the chance to visit Germany can easily confirm that German girls are very attractive not only through their looks, but also due to the fact that they generally have a shy mentality. On the other hand, accents do vary greatly in the land of lederhosen, Audi and chocolate. As for something that’s specific only to this country, every German girl shares an adventurous and freaky s*xual side behind closed doors which is a major plus for men who want to have these kinds of experiences in abundance.


5. Estonia

Estonia beautiful girl hottest womens sexy girl


Despite Estonia is a country that has a population of roughly 1.3 million people, there are a lot of beautiful girls here that can compensate for the small number. As most people would say it, this is a classic case of quality over quantity and the women here have outstanding figures, a cute smile and soft facial features that can make any man’s blood boil in passion. Combining these traits with great English abilities, a sharp wit and a fiery patriotism, but also their extremely cute accent, the result is a unique package no guy can ever turn down.


4. Hungary

Hungary-lovely-girl-hottest-girl-sexy women


Depending on the people visitors coming here will talk to, they’ll find that Hungary is very popular for two things, including: the European capital of porn and the best geothermal baths and natural spring waters. When considering the amount of competition out there, people will immediately realize that Hungary is no slouch in making itself visible on the map. However, at the end of the day, it’s the women here that make the majority of men go crazy. Few of them speak good English, but even if that is the case, their intelligence, openness, loyalty and of course amazing looks make up for it. At the same time, they’re also more traditional compared to their Estonian and Finnish counterparts, but it’s one of those things that make them so endearing.


3. Russia



Many Russian girls are very proud of their origins and are drop-dead gorgeous, but they are also known for their bimboism, looniness and for gold digging. But when people take a good look at the roots of their country and the fact that it had such a violent past, they’ll be mind blown as to how such astounding beauty can now embellish it.


2. Spain

Spain beautiful women hot girl fans cute girls


Spain is the country where the passion never seems to end, regardless where that may apply. Girls here look extremely hot and that is because they generally spend their day in the hot Mediterranean climate and get wonderful tans which outline their physical features. Their bodies are also slim and they’re a bit taller than other girls, which makes them extremely attractive to anyone who watches them.


1. Romania

Romanian girl cute hot beautiful


Ah, for the grand finale there was no other country to fit the top spot as best as Romanian girls. Romania is very well known for its legendary vampire known as Vlad the Impaler or Dracula, but it seems that outsiders should take a better look at other things Romania has to offer. Many girls here are very open minded, they speak excellent English, dress and also have a wonderful attitude towards foreigners, so it’s very easy to invite them out for a drink and even more later on. With beautiful skin, excellent manners and hot looks, there’s no reason to why they should not take the number one spot in this countdown.


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