Sometimes back, the power of a particular country was measured on its ability to control the sea. Those countries which were able to control the sea were certainly the rulers over other nations of the world. But there was no way a country would control the sea without commissioning an amazing huge warship in length and in tonnage. They used the battleships to gobble faraway nations. Today, because of technology long-range weapons and warplanes have replaced the power these warships had that time. But, warships still serve the same purpose. A nation would like to control both the sea and air and that’s why these battleships are still of vitality. There are many battleships of different lengths and tons made by different countries with one aim: to rule the sea. Here, we are going to lay our focus on the top ten largest warships ever made. Lets Look at the Top 10 Biggest Warships Of All Time.

Top 10 Biggest Warships Of All Time:

10. USS Lexington Class warships, USA (270 meters)

USS Lexington Class warships, USA (270 meters)These aircraft carrier warships were built in 1920s for the US Navy and they had they could accommodate up to 78 aircrafts. They had the highest speed of 33.25 knots and measured 270 meters long while their range was about 10,000 nautical miles at ten knots. Its armor was top class. It had single 5 nch anti aircraft guns and 4 twin eight-inch guns. It was innovated with a Taylor bow kind of shape which helped it to reduce water resistance when travelling at top speeds. Unfortunately, one of them was sunk in 1942 in the War of Coral Sea while the other ship was sunk in 1946 by an atomic bomb.

9. Queen Elizabeth-Class Warships, UK (284 meters)

Queen Elizabeth-Class Warships, UK (284 meters)This class of ships features a couple of super aircraft carriers meant for the UK’s Royal Navy. Each one in this group of warships will measure up to 284 meters and it will sail with speeds exceeding 25 knots. Commissioning will start in 2020 and they will be named Prince of Wales and the Queen Elizabeth. They are meant to accommodate up to 40 war aircrafts and they’ll have a range of about 10,000 nautical miles.

8. Admiral Kuznetsov-Class Warships, Russia (302 meters)

Admiral Kuznetsov-Class Warships, Russia (302 meters)This class of warships features quite a number of aircraft carrier battleships initially meant for the Soviet Union. Each one them is 302 meters long and has a top highest speed of thirthy knots. The first ship in this class to be commissioned was the Admiral Kuznetsov, which became functional in 1995 under the command of Russia. The other warship was then sold to China. It was then commissioned in 2012 and named Liaoning. Actually, the Admiral Kuznetsov-Class battkeships can accommodate up to forty aircrafts.

7. Midway Class Warships, USA (306 meters)

Midway Class Warships, USA (306 meters)These were group of three aircraft super carrier warships used by the US Navy each having a length of 306 meters. These warships used to carry as many as 130 aircrafts at a go with the highest speed of 33 knots. But in 1980s, the ships’ capacity was reduced to carry a maximum of 55 aircrafts. All the three are out of service and the Midway has already been used as a museum. On the other hand, the Coral Sea warship was scrapped back in 2000 while the Franklin D. Roosevelt battleship was cannibalized in 1978.


6. The USS John Kennedy, USA (320 meters)


The USS John KennedyThis was a single and only warship which was in the sub-class of Kitty Hawk measuring 320 meters long. The USS John Kennedy battleship was a huge aircraft carrier which had the highest speed of 34 knots and it accommodate up to 80 war aircrafts. It is currently out of service as it was decommissioned in 2007. Reports say that it is awaiting to be donated as a memorial or as a museum to qualified organization.


5. Forrestal Class Warships, USA (325 meters)


Forrestal Class WarshipsThese were a class of 4 aircrafts used by the US Navy and it accommodated a maximum of 90 aircrafts each. They featured the highest speed of 34 knots and their length was 325 meters. All the ships are currently out of service. The Ranger warship and the Forrestal were the first to be commissioned in 1993 which was then followed by the decommissioning of the Saratoga in the following year and finally the Independence was decommissioned in 1998. The ships are yet to be dismantled.


4. Kitty Hawk-Class Warships, USA (327 meters)


 Kitty Hawk-Class WarshipsThese were three warship aircraft super carriers utilized by the US Navy each 327 meters long. It had the capability of travelling up to 32 knots. The three battleships are all currently out of service and each one of them used to accommodate up to 90 aircrafts. The Kitty Hawk was decommissioned in 2009; the America was sunk in 2005 while the Constellation is currently being stricken and just waiting to be scrapped off.

3. Nimitz Class, USA (333 meters)

Nimitz Class, USAThis is the class of warship aircraft carriers that precedes the Gerald R. Ford-Class. They were group of 10 ships travelling at the highest speed of 30 knots and they were commissioned by the US Navy. They are 333meters long and each of the Nimitz-Class ships was able to carry up to 90 helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts. All of these huge warships are currently in service and include the Theodore Roosevelt, John C. Stennis, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Nimitz, Carl Vinson, George Washington, George H. W. Bush, Harry S. Truman and the Abraham Lincoln warship.

2. Gerald R. Ford-Class, USA (337 meters)

Gerald R. Ford-ClassThese are a group of 10 warships ready to be commissioned by United States Navy in 2016. These huge aircraft super carriers will the ultimate replacement of the Nimitz-Class of warships because they have incorporated new technology in their make such as the EALS (ElectromagneticAircraft Launch System). These battleships will be capable of accommodating 75 aircrafts while travelling the highest speed of up to 30 knots. The names of all the ships have not yet been announced but three of them have been already mentioned: the John Kennedy, Gerald R. Ford and the Enterprise.

1. USS Enterprise, USA (342 meters)

USS Enterprise, USA (342 meters)This was an aircraft used by the US Navy and it featured a length if 342 meters. It is a nuclear powered battleship having the highest speed of 33.6 knots. In fact, it is the first warship to be powered by nuclear. Although it can carryup to 90 aircrafts, its standard carriage can hold 60 aircrafts. Actually, it is the biggest and heaviest aircraft carrier just like the Nimitz-Class of battleships. This incredibly heavy super carrier was scrapped in 2012 and its decommissioning is going on.

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