Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC:

1.EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game For PC

EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game For PC download

# 1 in Cricket Games for PC
EA Sports Cricket 2014 is a basically a cricket stimulation game powered by EA. EA Sports Cricket 2014 is available for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, PlayStation 2. As EA Sports is very popular in gaming industry and it’s much launched game has a great class. The game is popular due to its high quality graphics and best sound effects.
In EA Sports Cricket 2014 almost every team of cricket is available. There are several Cricket Games modes are available. All the national and international series are available.because of its Reality look and high end graphics it plays first place in Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC List.

There are different Cricket Games modes which are available  in this game :

International Tour  : The team tours to international Country.
World Series           : Series of Multiple Countries.
World Cup               : A grand Series between all Countries.
T20 Cup                   : Series of all T20 Teams.

2. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

# 2 in Cricket Games for PC

The game ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is made for Windows XP/7/8 and also for PlayStation. There are 14 teams included in the game. All the venues in the game are taken from the two neighbouring countries New Zealand and Australia. There are more than 20 venues taken from the above mention two countries.

The game play is very easy to operate. The user have option to select the overs in the game. He can select 10, 20 and 50 overs. The pitches in the game ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 are of different types. There are different kind of pitches including hard pitch, soft pitch, dry pitch, grass pitch, and wet pitch. The user can select any type of pitch. The commentary is also added in the game in order to make the game more interesting.ICC cricket World cup 2015 plays second place in Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC List.

3. Don Bradman Cricket 2014

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC

# 3 in Cricket Games for PC
This is the newest cricket PC game and overall the best game for all platforms. It was named by Lazy gamer, “the best cricket game of this generation.” Named after the legendary Australian cricketer, the game was developed by Big Ant studios. There are a number of gameplay options including a career mode, custom matches, and online multiplayer. In the career mode, users create a cricket player and follow him throughout a 20 year career. There is also Cricket Academy, which allows players to create and edit teams, players, and competitions. The game offers excellent controls over the players as well as very realistic ball physics.due to its high end graphics and top controllable game play feature it plays third place in Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC list.

4. DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2014

DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2014

# 4 in Cricket Games for PC
IPL stands for Indian Premier League and it is launched in 2008. Back in years when football leagues are very famous in the world. In that there is no concept of leagues in cricket but as the time passes away cricket leagues started. It started from English county and ended at IPL Indian Premier League. IPL Cricket League became a very famous league in the world of cricket.

Due to the popularity of IPL League, the developers started work to make a IPL Cricket game. At last they made a DLF IPL T20 Cricket 2014 game which is a free download game for PC and also for Windows. DLF and Pepsi are the sponsors of DLF IPL Cricket 2014 game. In start it only launched for mobile but due to the popularity of the game the developers decided to launch it for PC. It can be play on Windows 7/XP/8.

5. EA Cricket 2013

EA Cricket 2013

# 5 in Cricket Games for PC

EA Cricket 2013 has different formats available for the player of the game. The player of the game EA Cricket 2013 is capable to bat, bowl and field as well. This game is developed with the modern techniques. There are different game modes that are available in this game. The player can bat very well in this game. The player can play every type of shots including sixes, and fours. Even player can stop the bowls. In this game EA Cricket 2013 the bowler can turn bowl as he wants.
The player can select the venue from the variety of venues from all over the world like in EA Cricket 2014. All the venues have a unique quality. The game EA Cricket 2013 has different sort of pitches that are available for the player. Every pitch has its own feature. Some pitches are hard and green and some are dry and slow. The pitches of subcontinent are slow and dry.

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6. ICC Champion Trophy 2013 PC Game

ICC World Cup cricket game was launched in 2014 which was designed by high Graphics and new feature, the game also contains multi player Mode through which the Player can join lobby and play as a team, this feature drives from Counter S trick Global Offensive, soon the game company make some best changes in the game and re launched the game which was so impressive that million of times the game got download from internet, there are served team in the game, the game have so many best and improved controls.

7. International Cricket Captain 2012

This cricket game featuring South Africa tour of England with action packed series of International and domestic fixtures. Whether you enjoy the ultimate challenge of test matches or the cut throat world of twenty over cricket, International Cricket Captain 2012 returns with new leagues and gives you the chance to conquer at international and domestic level. You can read more about previous versions of International Cricket Captain.

8. Ashes Cricket 2009

Ashes Cricket 2009 cricket game was developed by Transmission Games and published by Code masters in the UK and by Atari in Australia. The game includes an intuitive, interactive bowling control scheme and dynamic and intuitive batting, with greater coverage and shot choice than previous games. The game also features official Hawk-Eye visualizations during play.

9. EA Sport Cricket 2007

Released by Electronic Arts, one of the most prestigious game development companies in the world. You have the option of entering into many national and international contests, though the only Home Team tours available are Australia and England in Ashes. The Ashes series, though, is one of the game’s highlights.

You can play 50-over, 20-over, or 10-over matches including a four-day test match. The Big Bash league is also included. All in all, a wonderful cricket game both for its time and now. There are some game developers in India who found a patch allowing you to play Indian Premier League teams in this game. I use that option to take revenge on any IPL team that beats my favorite one.

10. Brian Lara Cricket 2007

Developed by Code-Masters, BLC 2007 was released during the 2007 Cricket World Cup which was hosted in the West Indies, Brian Lara’s birthplace. This game is a sequel to Brian Lara Cricket 2005 and contains a number of improvements in the graphics and game play, including better directional control when batting so that the player could attempt to hit the ball in any direction.

Interestingly, the game was released as Ricky Poting Cricket 2007 in Australia and New Zealand and as Yuvraj Singh Cricket 2007 in India and Sri Lanka. Available on the Xbox, PS2 and PC, it is considered one of the best alternative to EA Sports Cricket 2007.

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