Young people are full of energy, and they look for places that share the same level of enthusiasm as they do. After all, it is the time to experience new things and discover who they are, and who they would like to become one day. Taking that, and the opportunities for career growth into consideration, we have formulated a list below that promises to be the best cities for youthful people to live in. Lets Look at the Top 10 Best Cities For Young Peoples.

Top 10 Best Cities For Young Peoples:

10. Amsterdam


For young people who tend to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, could there be a better place to live in than Amsterdam? The city has all the modern facilities, and it is considered a commercial hub, but that is hardly the city’s strongest suit. The city’s red-light district area pulls in many tourists. The place is filled with people from all places, and all backgrounds. The cost of living is not as high, in comparison to some of the cities of the world. Also Compared to some cities, Amsterdam doesn’t ostracize its LGBT members. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1811. Therefore, people who are looking for acceptance, here’s a city that prides itself on liberalism and open-mindedness. Personal safety is hardly an issue in this city, as it is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the world.

9. Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy, and it is one of the best places for young people to live in. The Eternal City is an ancient artistic location for all the creative youngsters to live in. They can easily take inspiration from the Coliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, Circus Maximus and the Arch of Constantine, just to name a few. Italian cuisine is one of the finest cuisines around, so there’s hardly any problem with the quality of food. This place is definitely a safe haven for all the art enthusiasts. Young burgeoning architects and engineers can move to Rome if they want their creative juices to flow overwhelmingly. Religious youngsters that wish to get- in- touch with their spirituality can find solace in Vatican City, the home of the Roman Catholic Church. The artwork and décor in most of the monuments and churches in Rome, are some interesting sites to behold.

8. Madrid


For starters, Madrid is home to the biggest soccer team in the planet, Real Madrid. For soccer enthusiast, Madrid is definitely the place to be, and if you’re not a soccer fanatic, don’t worry, the city has much more to offer than soccer alone. The capital of Spain is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Europe. The city offers its pedestrians well-connected and well linked walking areas. Climate in Madrid is usually hot and the sight of beautiful parks, museums; churches are normal in this city. The city is a lively one, and it stays that way until the wee hours. The art museums in Madrid are of world-class quality, and the city aptly and ably fulfills the needs of shopaholics. Madrid was even placed third for best prices on luxury items in the Globe Shopper Index. Madrid is the ultimate city for style, fashion and culture. So, if one is looking for a modern city with historical bearings, Madrid is the place to be.

7. Copenhagen


The capital of Denmark is perfect for residence. The standard of living is very high in this city, and Copenhagen is definitely not short on proper medical and recreational facilities. Young people who wish to escape the horrendous air pollution can opt for a greener lifestyle in Copenhagen. Proper emphasis has been given to bicycle tracks and people regularly commute by using their bikes. The city can be considered ideal for young adults, as around 15% of the people in the city are above 65 years; certainly a strange fact for a city that prides itself on being eco-friendly. The city is loaded with organic food, as health is indeed considered wealth in this part of the world. Monocle Magazine even regarded Copenhagen as the most livable city in the world, in 2013. Copenhagen surely has a little of everything, and it manages to strike the perfect balance between development and sustainable development.

6. Zurich


Although Zurich is hardly the place for cash strapped young people to live in, the benefits of living in this city just cannot be overlooked. Besides boasting about top notch universities and research facilities, the city has a very well connected transportation set up, and the place enjoys security like no other city in the world. A politically stable city, Zurich, is just literally a breath of fresh air. The city’s countryside is like the ideal place from the movies. It is also very diverse, as around 30 percent of the population consists of foreigners. There are several restaurants, bars and clubs to visit during one’s recreational time. Zurich is also a paradise for shoppers, and it is a place where businesses can flourish easily. For young people looking forward to fulfilling their thirst in theaters and museums, Zurich is the place to be. It boasts of around 50 museums, theaters and concert halls. The bottom line is; It is the perfect place for rich young people.

5. Paris


Paris would most likely be the ideal place to live in, on probably anyone’s list. The young and the old would both jump at the opportunity to live in Paris. The city comes in 5th on our list. Paris was head and shoulders ahead of its nearest competitors, when it came to the Fashion and art category of The Youthful Cities Index; which was hardly a surprise. The city was also at the helm for the digital access category. Paris looks forward to strengthening its position in this category, with the establishment of the world’s largest digital business incubator in 2016. This prospect has been exciting everyone in the particular sector, as it would house around 1000 start-ups. Paris is also known to be the romantic’s paradise; youths fall in love more than anyone else. Perhaps, that could also be Paris’s attractive factor. Although, unfortunately, nothing is perfect. The city did hold to have some problems too; it placed last in the Financial Access category.

4. Dallas


Dallas is placed very high on our list of 10 Best Cities for young people to live in. Over a million people call the city their home. Dallas is a good place to live in, as employment opportunities are available in abundance. The city’s decision to build the Klyde Warren Park has been widely applauded. The Park has been able to serve as the connecting link, between the Uptown and the downtown neighborhood. The beautiful park consists of over 37 species of plants, and boasts of around 322 trees. The city was placed 1st in the Public, Space, Sports and Gaming category, and even managed a praiseworthy 2nd position in the Entrepreneurship category. On a bit of a downside, when it came to Environmental Sustainability, the city languished near the bottom of the pile, only managing to pip Shanghai from the dreaded last position.

3. New York City


The big apple makes its grand entrance to our list at number 3. What really set the city apart from its competitors were the employment opportunities for the youth, and the civic participation. The city landed the top spot when it came to community participation and managed an admirable 2nd in the youth employment category. During the summer of 2013, the Summer Youth Employment Program, which is run by the city, gave employment to around 35,000 youngsters, for a period from July to August. The city is also not far off when it comes to education. The set-up of the Innovation Zone proved to be a stroke of genius from the city officials; the office paved the way for millions to gain knowledge and learn online. Although this may not be a huge concern to many youngsters, the city didn’t fare too well in terms of Public Space, Sport and Gaming; we all know how difficult it is to find open space in the city. New York was the lowest placed city in North America in terms of the aforementioned category.

2. Berlin


Berlin is the capital of Germany, and it has done its country proud by landing the coveted 2nd position in this list. Gone are the days when the country used to engage in wars. Berlin performed exceptionally well in the music and film category, finishing as the highest ranked city in the category. The Berlin International Film Festival offers plenty of opportunities for burgeoning directors to prove their worth. Remember when we said that a city can only be deemed rich if the transportation facilities are excellent; well, Berlin’s easily accessible transport facilities fits the bill and helps the city’s causes in a major way. The efforts of the city were recognized when Berlin received the 2012 European Commission’s Access City Award. But as we know, all that glitters are not gold; Berlin too has some weak points. The city performed poorly in the Civic Participation category.

1. Toronto


Here’s the long-awaited topper of this list; time for all the young people to flock there. Toronto deservedly bags the coveted top spot in our list of 10 best places for youthful people to reside in. Home to around 2 million people, Toronto simply had no competitors in categories such as diversity of youth employment and financial access. Toronto is purely a place where business thrives. The city is home to around 600 start-ups, and many of them have gone on to make a mark for themselves in the world. One fine example of such start-ups is the software developing giant, Polar Mobile. Every public library in Toronto provides free Wi-Fi internet access. How many cities can actually make that claim? Certainly not a large amount. However, like all  the contenders on this list, there are some areas Toronto needs to improve on, in order to maintain their position. The city needs to improve on Civic participation; it also needs to prioritize the Safety and Mental Health of the youth.

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