There are huge variety of animated movies for children’s. They range from serious, to cute, to scary. Finding the right animated movie for a child to watch can be a difficult task.To make it easier for you, we have listed Top 10 Animations movies that Every One Should See . Check them out!

Top 10 Animations movies that Every One Should See :

 10. Para Norman


ParaNorman is a slightly scary animated movie that is aimed at children. Young Norman Babcock is not your usual misfit. Through his eleven years of life, he has seen dead people. His only friend, Neil, does not offer much hope for losing the loner status, Not only does Norman not have a very satisfying social life, he has a strained home life, and he must also deal with the school bully, Alvin. When Norman is visited by his deceased uncle Prenderghast, Norman is shocked to be told that he is the one who holds the responsibility and ability to break a curse that is centuries old, and that he alone may say his little town of Blithe Hollow. The three hundred year old curse has been around since the times of the witch hunt, and now, Norman is not sure what to do as suddenly his almost normal life becomes completely saturated with paranormal and the occult, as the skies begin to swirl in a circling red mist, and corpses begin to rise from their graves to mob the streets.

 9. Lego Movie


Lego Movie is a fine specimen of a movie aimed at both children and adults. In this movie, an eclectic gathering of Lego figures come together to fight the evil Lord Viritius, whose sole intent is to use Kragle to freeze the entire Lego world into place. As Superman, Batman, Wyldstyle and Emmet all come together to lead the resistance, they realize that they, and every Lego figure, has its own creativity and style. They quickly begin assembling their own creative weapons to fight Lord Viritius with the help of Bad Cop/Good Cop, a figure with two faces and two personalities. Eventually, the team of Legos find out that their world and their reality is being created by the imagination of a young boy named Finn, whose father is upset that his son mixed his many Lego collections into a single, mismatched collection.

 8. How to Train Your Dragon


How to Train Your Dragon is about a clumsy young boy Hiccup, who wants to train to be a dragon slayer, just like his adored father, Stoik. Despite his son’s clever creativity and his unusual but effective inventions, Stoil refuses to allow Hiccup to train. Finally, Stoik changes his mind, however, and Hiccup is grateful for the chance to begin his training. When he captures and injures a young Night Fury whom he names Toothless, his ideas are changed. As Hiccup takes to caring for his injured friend, Toothless and Hiccup both realize that the adults of their worlds are ignorant, and try to change the views of their worlds of their enemies. But the task of bringing dragons and humans to peace proves to be a daunting task.

 7. Rio 2 , Rio

Rio 2 wall papers

Rio is a movie about Blu, a baby macaw, who is left behind after clumsy terrorists drop his box in the middle of the road. A young girl named Linda raises him with love, but spoils him terribly. When they are both older, Linda is surprised to find out that Blu is the last male of his species. Tulio, the owner of a female macaw named Jewel, convinces Linda to bring Blu to Rio de Janerio to begin a courtship with Jewel. Things go awry, however, when Blu and Jewel are captured by smugglers, who want to sell them. Chained together and locked away, Blu and Jewel must fight to escape, but even with the help of the local birds they find, they are not yet safe. Blu must now learn to fly, in order to get back to his best friend, Linda.

6. Wall-E


Wall-E is the last of the Wall-E robots who were created seven hundred years ago to clean up the Earth, which was so overrun with garbage that all life ceased to exist after the refuse exiled the last of the surviving humans to live on a single spaceship. Day after day, the lonely robot clears piece after piece of rubbish away, before returning home to his only friend, a cockroach, and watching Hello Dolly. The day after Wall-E finds a strange thing, another robot named EVE is deposited on Earth. Wall-E just wants a hand to hold, but EVE is on a mission: she is supposed to find any sign of vegetation. When Wall-E wants to impress EVE with his discovery, she steals it from him and places it in her containment unit and signals her ship before shutting down. When the ship returns for her, Wall-E hitches a ride. The autopilot system refuses to allow Wall-E, EVE, and the human that know of the plant’s survival to spread the word that Earth may be once again inhabitable. But they fight and succeed, and soon humans have begun repairing the Earth’s ecosystem.

 5. Bolt

Bolt movie

Bolt is a household name. This Hollywood pooch honestly believes his superhero image is reality. When finds himself lost and alone, thousands of miles away from Hollywood, he has to rethink his life. He is no longer able to save those around him with his superpowers. In fact, he is not even able to save himself. His glamorous lifestyle has left him pampered and unprepared for the battles of the wild that he will face on his journey back to his owner and co-star, Penny, who is struggling alone without her best friend. Thankfully, Bolt finds two friends who will help him on his way, both with facing his reality and with making his way back home.

 4. Tangled


Tangled is the story of Rapunzel, a young princess whose hair has the ability to grant eternal youth to any who sing to it a certain song from long ago, the time when a drop of sunshine created a beautiful flower. The flower was turned into a magical elixir to save the Queen, however, after it was taken from the vain Gothel. Gothel is determined not to let her beauty fade, however, and kidnaps the young princess, hiding her as she had tried to hide the flower, keeping Rapunzel’s powers for herself, telling her it is for her own safety. Rapunzel eventually manages to make her way out of the tower, and faces several hardships before returning to mother Gothel, demanding the truth of her heritage. When things go badly wrong, Rapunzel’s love, Flynn, is wounded and dying. With the last of her power, she sings, and her tear drop saves his life, and she is soon returned to the royal family, whom Flynn is welcomed into, as well.

3. Frozen


Frozen is the tale of a young princess with the power of winter. She is able to turn them to ice. It seems that whenever Elsa is troubled or upset, her powers react out of her control, plunging her and her sister Anna into turmoil, until finally, Elsa’s powers unleash themselves against Anna herself, freezing her heart. The two small groups of Elsa, Anna, Olaf the snowman, Kristoff and Hans must all fight against the winter of Elsa’s powers and the Duke’s men in order to overcome all of the damage that Elsa’s powers have caused. Finally, Anna is saved, and Elsa has her powers under control, and the two sisters reconcile the differences they have had since a young age, and Elsa promises never to close the castle gates again.

 2. Brave

Brave 2 animation movie

Brave is the tale of the young lady Merida, whose father gives her an archery bow. After a family fight between Merida and her mother, Lady Elinor, over Merida’s entrance into the archery contest for her hand in marriage, Merida flees the castle in anger and pain. She stumbles upon the cottage of an old woman, who Merida immediately recognizes as a witch. Merida spills out her tale of woe, and the witch bakes a special pie for Merida’s mother to eat. Merida returns, but after one bite of the pie, Lady Elinor falls ill. Merida is silently pleased as she leads her mom to her room, but when she changes into a black bear, Merida realizes that she has made a horrid mistake, and now has only two days to save her mother, and her future.

 1. Rise of the Guardians


Rise of the Guardians is about Jack Frost, an outcast in the circle of mythical beings. When the Boogeyman and his Nightmares threaten to return the Earth to the dark times of terror and non-belief, the Guardians must fight to protect the innocence of the children who believe in them. As Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and the human child Jaime fight Pitch Back and try to keep the children’s beliefs in the mystical figures alive and thus save the magical people themselves, Jack Frost must find his inner core, find his own worth as a Guardian, and decide whether his past or his future is more important.

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