Unforgettable views, sparkling glaciers and severe snowstorms, adrenalin in blood! They say that this is what attracts the alpinists, and the temptation is sometimes stronger than reasoning. And then they risk their lives, to reach the most intractable peaks. Having analyzed the statistics of accidents, Matador Trips site made the Top 5 of fatally The Most Dangerous Mountains of the World.


eiger mountain



Despite that the height of the peak doesn’t reach 4 km, it deserves to be in this list, even though the other 4 competitors are of its double height. It is because of the north side of the mountain, which, practically goes down upright. The precipice starts 100 meters lower than the top, and is almost 2 km. Nobody even tried to conquer this part of mountain for a long time. More or less serious attempts were made only in 1935, but the first successful one was in 1938. Before that all the expeditions were ended with the death of the participants. The first conquerors of the peak, who were Germans A. Chakmayera, L. Fierga and Austrians F. Kasparecka and G. Harrera, got a prize from Hitler’s hands.
A Jungfrau railway is built inside the mountain, and it extends from Kleine-Scheideg g, goes up to Eiger and Mench to the Jungfraujoch. You can admire the amazing beautiful views by getting higher and higher. The final station is situated on the Jungfraujoch Mountain at a height of 3454 m and is the highest station in the Europe. It is called “The roof of the world”.



Country:(Nepal, India),

Height: 8586 m.

The third highest peak of the world
Despite the world’s decreasing tendency of deaths during mountaineering, the rule does not apply to the case of Kanchenjunga. Last years the quantity of tragic accidents grew by 22% and there is no sign of it decreasing. The mountain has five peaks, all higher than eight kilometers, which are often called “Five snowy treasures”. People of Nepal assert that the climb is mostly dangerous for women, because Kanchenjunga – is a woman who wants to outshine everything surrounding her with her beauty, and she does not bear any rivals on her slopes.
First time the Kanchenjunga peak yielded only in 1955 to the British: George Brand and Joe Brown, 50 years later after the first tragical attempt, which was undertaken in 1905. The main dangers during the mountaineer represent many avalanches and very unfavorable weather conditions.

3.Nanga Parbat:

Nanga Parbat


Height:8126 m

The ninth highest peak of the world
The first attempt to conquer the peak of “Naked Mountain” was yet in 1895; however, the alpinists succeeded only 58 years later. And only one person reached the peak, while the second participant of the expedition turned back from the height of 7300m. This peak competes in the matter of the climbing complexity with the Chogori, which is considered to be the most difficult one. The snowy mountainsides of Parabat come abruptly to an end from all the sides and its most famous wall Roupal, goes down for 4.5 km, and is the most extensive wall in the world. Paying tribute to the complexity of climbing the Roupal wall and to the number of those who lost their lives there, it is often called “people eater”.


K2 mountain

Country:China,Pakistan,Height:8611mThe second highest peak of the world
The second highest peak of the world after Jomolungma is considered to be the first one by the difficulty of climbing it. Hidden in the Karakorum massif on the boarder with China, the mountain is surrounded with rather high peaks, which are difficult for climbing because of glaciers and, besides that, the alpinists, who wish to reach it, are in a constant danger of the avalanches. The death-rate is very high here: every forth courageous person dies without reaching the desired point, located on the 8611 m height. 160 people, altogether, reached the peak, and five of them are Russian.


Annapurna mountain


Height:8091 m
The tenth highest peak of the world
Only 130 people could climb this most dangerous mountain named after the goddess of fertility. The death rate among the climbers reaches 40%. However, the peak is the first eight thousand meters high peak, submitted to a human: French alpinists Moris Ertsog and Lui Lachenal climbed it on the 3rd of June, 1950. The main problems for alpinists are the frequent avalanches and unpredictable weather conditions. It was here in 1997, where the very famous Russian alpinist Anatoli Bukreev died, who conquered 11 eight thousand meters of the 14 high peaks existing on the planet.

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