With this list we are going to discus some of hottest ice princesses, Hottest figure skaters. The young beautiful, talented and most stylish female athletes that pleasure our eyes and hearts all the time. A list of the most gorgeous women figure skaters that they keep the world of sports cool every winter, or hot. depends on the point of view. Take a cool look at top ten of the most gorgeous figure skaters. you’ll enjoy it for sure! Lets Look at the Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters in world

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters in the world:

10.Kiira Korpi

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Finnish figure skater, Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi is one of the hottest athletes to compete at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Korpi is like a breath of fresh air in the world of sports. The 24 year old amazingly beautiful and talented figure skater is ranked #11 in the world and will be competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She is a three-time European medalist (bronze in 2007 and 2011, silver in 2012), the 2010 Trophée Eric Bompard champion, the 2012 Rostelecom Cup champion, a two-time Cup of China medalist, and a four-time Finnish national champion (2009, 2011–2013).

9.Joannie Rochette

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Hottest Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette

Joannie Rochette is a Canadian figure skater. She is the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist, the 2009 World silver medalist, the 2008 and 2009 Four Continents silver medalist, the 2004 Grand Prix Final bronze medalist, and a six-time (2005–10) Canadian national champion.

8. Isabelle Pieman

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Belgian figure skater Isabelle Pieman

Born on 28 September 1983 in Brussels, Isabelle Pieman is the beautiful and talented Belgian figure skater. She is the 2007 and 2009 Belgian national champion. Still, there isn’t any interesting information about her. Not even on her official site. I guess she likes privacy more than she likes the spotlights.

7.Tatiana Volosozhar

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Russian-Ukrainian pair skater Tatiana Volosozhar

Hot 26 year old Tatiana Volosozhar is a Russian-Ukrainian pair skater. With current partner Maxim Trankov, she is the 2013 World champion, a two-time (2011, 2012) World silver medalist, a two-time (2012, 2013) European champion, the 2012 Grand Prix Final champion, and a two-time (2011, 2013) Russian national champion. They have also won four events on the Grand Prix series. She competed for Ukraine with Petr Kharchenko from 2000–2004 and with Stanislav Morozov from 2004–2010. She and Morozov are four-time (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010) Ukrainian national champions and finished as high as 4th at the World Championships. Volosozhar and Trankov are the current World Record holders for the combined total and free skate scores.

6. Maria Mukhortova

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Russian pair skater Maria Mukhortova

Skating since the age of 6, Maria Vladimirovna Mukhortova is a Russian pair skater currently teamed with Jérôme Blanchard. She had previously competed with Maxim Trankov. They were the 2008 European silver medalists and 2007 Russian National Champions. In her early career she also skated with Egor Golovkin and Pavel Lebedev. As of February 2010, Mukhortova and Trankov were ranked 5th in the world by the International Skating Union.

5. Tanith Belbin

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

The 27 year old Canadian-American ice dancer is famous for her amazing ice dance skills and titles won along with her partner Benjamin Agosto: Though born in Canada, she holds dual citizenship and has competed for the United States since she began skating with Benjamin Agosto in 1998. With Agosto, Belbin is the 2006 Olympic silver medalist, four-time World medalist, three-time Four Continents champion (2004–2006), and five-time U.S. champion (2004–2008).

4.Irina Movchan

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

The Ukrainian figure skater Irina Movchan

Born on 1990, the adorable and skilled Ukrainian figure skater, Irina Movchan is the 2008 Crystal Skate of Romania champion and a two-time (2009, 2011) Ukrainian national champion. The flexible Irina Movchan is the 2007 and 2010 silver medalist.

3. Katarina Witt

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

The German figure skater and model, Katarina Witt take the 4th place in our list. This wonderful lady defined 1980s skating. She might not be in her 20′s anymore, but she’s definitely worth mentioning. She has class, confidence, guts, and style. Witt won two Olympic gold medals for East Germany. She is a four-time World champion and twice World silver medalist. Along with Sonja Henie, Witt is the only ladies’ single skater to win six consecutive European Championships. Her competitive record makes her one of the most successful figure skaters of all time.

2. Anna Semenovich

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

Smoking hot 32 year old former Russian figure skater Anna Semenovich is at 2nd position in our list list of hottest figure skater. The hottest beauty, flat-chested figure skaters stereotype, here’s one that definitely breaks the rules, She scored two Finlandia Trophies and competing with Kostomarov, they were the 2000 Russian bronze medalists – wannabe singer but full-time hottie. She retired from competition in 2001 due to injury. Following her retirement from skating, Semenovich began working as an actress, model, and singer. She sang with Blestyashchie from 2003–07, when she left to follow a solo career.

1.Sasha Cohen

Top 10 Hottest Women Figure Skaters

The U.S. figure skater Alexandra Pauline “Sasha” Cohen

The U.S. figure skater Alexandra Pauline “Sasha” Cohen (born October 26, 1984). Also known for her difficult and creative spin positions – some already trademarked as the Sasha Spin – Alexandra Pauline Sasha Cohen is the proud owner of a silver medal from the 2006 Olympics. Since that, she has appeared on various television shows such as Las Vegas, Project Runway, and CSI:NY too. Unfortunately she has been out of competition for the last couple of years but the figure skating world is still eagerly awaiting her return.

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