Pink Nails Designs For Unconventional Love :

Pink nails are the color of joy and a sign of unconventional love. For stressed and overburdened women, beautiful and catchy, pink nails enable them relieve their stress and calm their mind. Brighter pink nails showcase one as youthful, fun, and stimulating. Vibrant pinks nails showcase subtle sensuality and passion. Pink nails display the youthful romance and match very well with the youthful pink blush.

sexy Beautiful-blonde-girl-with-pink-lips-and-nails

Pink nails are also found to have various health benefits such as a soothing and calming effect on one’s mind. Pink coloured nails help one control their pessimistic emotions, stress, trauma, anger and aggression while giving a sense of tenderness and fostering. It also reduces feelings of frustration and violence, and alleviates isolation, oversensitivity and weakness. For the body, pink nails are found to be good for strengthening the immune system, reducing heart problems, and insomnia. Enough reasons to hit for the beautiful pink nails!


Whether one applies a lighter coat of pink or darker shades of pink, the pink nails look gorgeous and enhance one’s style. In order to choose the right shade of pink that suits one’s skin, one can experiment by applying various shades of pink. Simple technique to research with various shades of pink nails is having trial and error method with a nail polish remover. Usually lighter baby pink shades goes well with fair skin toned people, and for the dark skinned, darker pink shades are the best suited ones.

Fashionable-make-up pink nail

To attain the perfect looking pink nails, it is not essential to go to salon. One can achieve salon-style pink nails with a little practice and keen attention. By blending and fading colours on nails one can learn polishing of the nails, rather than paying a hefty salon fee to get it done. nail polished

One can easy achieve your style quotient with pink using these simple steps. After finalising on your shade of femme fatale pink, one should start off by clean drying the nails. With one brush, one should paint the first line of nail polish up from the base to the tip. To get a cleaner look of your pink nails, a small space should be left at the base of the nails otherwise they spread to the skin and give an untidy look. A lighter coat of pink should applied first and the second coat should be applied only after the first coating has dried out. Subsequent stokes of polish can be applied in the similar fashion to get a thick coat.

attractive-young-model-with-bright-makeup-and-manicure-sunny-weather-outdoor-sunburn pin nail

Some Pink Nails Designs For Unconventional Love :

Pink Nail Designs for feet # 1

Female-pink-pedicure-on lovely feet

Pink Nail Designs # 2

female-hands-with-fragrant-rose-petals-and-towel pink nail

Pink Nail Designs # 3

hot-pink-nail-design-ideas sexy

Pink Nail Designs # 4

sexy Manicure-treatment.-Close-up-of-female-hands-having-manicure.-pink-nail-polish-on-fingernails

Pink Nail Designs # 5

nail-art-pink sexy hot