How to do Guru Yoga

According to an Indian saying, the guidance of a guru can take you straight to heaven. A guru has always been revered in our country. A guru or a teacher is like a charioteer who guides your soul out of all the chaos, and takes it back to its origin. In Mahabharata, Krishna literally became Arjun’s charioteer and led him through the chaos of Kurukshetra. And at the same time, he gave us the lesson of Gita to guide us to moksha. Buddha became the teacher of millions and taught how to attain nirvana. We will find never ending examples of this while looking back into history.

Guru Yoga is based on this very idea of guru as a charioteer for the seeker of divine love.

What Is Guru Yoga?

Guru Yoga is a meditation technique, which involves merging one’s mind with the wisdom of the Guru to awaken the sleeping Buddha in you. It is a simple technique, but is more spiritually focused than any other. This form of yoga is followed in Tibetan Buddhism. It is considered as a way of worship by many.

Buddhism believes that Buddha resides in all, but is asleep until we awake him. Kabir’s teachings also included the need of man to merge his mind with Lord Ram and awaken him within the soul, and become one with him to achieve enlightenment. And for this, we need the spiritual guidance of the guru. Your guru can be anyone, a human, a deity─whoever you feel can support you and guide you to the right path.

How To Do Guru Yoga At Home?

In Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Yoga is a way to connect with Buddha and usually has Padmasambhava as the guru. But, one can visualize any preferred guiding force as guru, one who embodies love and wisdom for you. The technique is simple, but requires full concentration and complete faith in one’s guru.

Follow the steps to perform Guru yoga:

  1. First of all, sit in Lotus Pose or Zen Pose with your eyes closed.
  2. Keep your back straight.
  3. Take deep breaths and relax your body limb by limb consciously.
  4. Relax your mind; let yourself become thoughtless and calm.
  5. Now, visualize your guru coming down from sky in front of you.
  6. Offer a sincere prayer to your guru and ask for his blessings, wisdom, love and guidance.
  7. Ask him for the purification of the soul and spiritual enlightenment.
  8. Ask him to rouse the sleeping Buddha in you.
  9. Visualize him in his complete physical form, radiating the light of wisdom and love.
  10. Now, with the sound of OM, visualize red light emanating from the body of your guru.
  11. Open yourself for this red light to enter you and purify you, fill you with your guru’s blessings and energy. This will strengthen and prepare your body for the enlightenment and spiritual ascent.
  12. Now, visualize blue light rays emanating from the heart of your guru. Open your heart and let this light purify your heart and fill your heart with love and goodness. This takes you closer to the divine love.
  13. Now, visualize white light coming from the forehead of your guru. Open your mind and let this white light fill your being, spreading from your mind to all the energy centers in your body. Let your chakras be activated and let this light be free and liberated. Fill your being with love and knowledge of the divine. Embrace the blessings of your guru and the Buddha and the almighty in whom we all merge to become one.

Guru Yoga is the technique to worship the Almighty following the path shown by your guru. It is as easy as praying and as difficult as believing in your prayers. Faith is the ultimate key, rest is left on the blessings of the Guru. Faith can be a powerful tool for self transformation. Sometimes, we need to let go of logic and just believe—it can heal your soul and give you freedom too.

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