Four Health Benefits of Calcium

Calcium plays a significant role in strengthening our bones and teeth. It also provides power to our muscles and joints and regulates the body hormones. Calcium is also considered to be helpful in protecting our body from hypertension. Here are the top 10 amazing health benefits of calcium.

1.Calcium Prevents from Diseases:


The lack of calcium in the body leads to diseases like osteoporosis, muscle cramps, abnormal heartbeat count and convulsion. This is why; we should be assured that our daily diets contain sufficient calcium. Let us have a look at the list of some diets which are rich in this nutrient.

2.Prevents from Hormones Abnormalities:

Hormones Abnormalities

Surprisingly the calcium rich diets have proved to be greatly preventive from hormonal abnormalities. Each and every hormone in your body like thyroid, adrenal and others are regulated by the calcium and other nutrients.

3.Prevents from Skin Damage:

Prevents from Skin Damage

The calcium rich diets prevent you from the skin damage. They nourish your skin cells and retain the natural glow of your skin. These are also highly effective in reducing the aging process, leading you to look younger for many years.

4.Regulates Blood Circulation:

Blood Circulation

The diets containing calcium are responsible to regulate your blood circulation. They also help you get rid of abnormalities of blood like high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Also they are responsible to keep a control over the production of red blood cells in the body and control the amount of hemoglobin to much extent.


Six Foods Which Are Rich In Calcium


1.Dairy Products:

Benefits of Calcium

The dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and cream are rich in calcium. Milk, alone, has enough calcium and proteins that it is considered a complete diet. You should let your children enjoy the calcium-rich dairy products, but their excessive use can lead us to suffer from obesity.

2.Dried Figs are Rich in Calcium:

Dried Figs

According to an estimate, about 160 mg calcium is present in 100 gram dried figs. This diet reduces the risks of colon cancer, cardiac diseases and prevents from stroke. The most beneficial form of dried figs is obtained from the plant of Sri Lanka. This plant is considered to be over 12,000 years old.



We can use rhubarb in desserts, salads and pickles. In some regions, it is known as a fruit, while the people belonging to other nations name it to be vegetable. To overcome this confusion, in 1947 a New York court named rhubarb a fruit. This fruit is rich in oxalic acid and contains enough calcium to keep us energetic. About 100 gram rhubarb contains 140 mg calcium.



The dates are grown on date palm trees. These trees reach the estimated height of 70 feet or even more. These sweet and tasty fruits contain enough calcium and proteins. Usually the dates are served as dessert. The pancake of dates is one of my favorite meals. About 65 mg calcium is present in a portion of 120 gram dates.

5.Oranges and Calcium:


I am sure you must be one of the orange lovers. Why not, this juicy fruit is rich in taste. Orange trees have been cultivated since 2600 B.C. The credit for cultivating these trees goes to China, followed by the cultivators of Asia and Europe.

6.Apples have Calcium:


The records of 2010 reveal that more than 65 million tones of apples are exported from California and Brazil to different parts of the world. Apples contain anti-cancerous ingredients; especially the calcium makes it a nutritious fruit. About 100 gram apples contain 44 mg calcium.

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