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20 Beautiful fans of FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil’s World Cup of 2014 certainly has a lot to offer this time. With a lot of exciting games to see, and a lot of different matchups to follow, what everyone is wondering is who the final victor will be. That might not be the only tough question to ask. Another popular one which seems

4 Blockbuster Movies unforgettable Ever

It’s no secret that Hollywood loves to make sequels. Sequels can range from the awesome (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Godfather Part II), to the truly awful (Jaws 2, Caddyshack II). However, since sequels are usually spawned from original movies that were commercial hits, the follow-up films are typically viewed as guaranteed moneymakers by the

7 Horror Films Ready Scare You in 2014

With a steady stream of horror films ready to be released in 2014, there’s no need to wait until Halloween to get your scary movie fix. This year is already off to a solid scary movie start, with anticipated films such as Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones gracing the big screen. But the best is yet

7 Actors Who Always Play the Same Roles

For Hollywood actors, one of the greatest concerns can be the possibility of being typecast as a certain character. There have been many instances in which an actor becomes so well known for a particular role or certain characteristics that it becomes almost impossible to find work playing different parts. It’s the reason some actors

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC: 1.EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game For PC # 1 in Cricket Games for PC EA Sports Cricket 2014 is a basically a cricket stimulation game powered by EA. EA Sports Cricket 2014 is available for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, PlayStation 2. As EA Sports is very popular