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Top 10 list Thriller Movies

This is basically a genre of literature and film that mostly uses suspense and tension as the main elements to intrigue the audience. Many of you will have many different definitions of a thriller but the following ten movies are top of the line when it comes to this particular genre. Again the movies are

Top 10 Animated Movies By PIXAR Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios in an American film studio based in Emeryville, California. They are known for their absolutely amazing CGI-animated films. The company began in 1979 as a simple graphics group. Later in 1986, Steve Jobs got hold of a majority share in the company before 2006 when it was bought by The Walt Disney

Top 8 most expensive Bollywood movies ever

 Know the India’s most expensive move till 2014. Thousands of Bollywood movieshave been released till date and hundreds are released every year. Many of them are capable of leaving a good impact on the mind of the viewers by their stories, direction, acting etc. But here we are going to talk about the Bollywood movies that are know because

Top 10 highest grossing Bollywood movies of all time

Indian movie industry, popularly known as Bollywood has always had serious audiences as the films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is the live witness of the love as it assets the love by being played in a theatre till date, since its very first release. The following lists the ten highest grossing movies of all time in Bollywood with

Top 10 Hottest Female Sports casters

There was a time when female sportscasters were far and few in numbers. It was believed that sports journalism is a man’s career only. If there was a beautiful woman talking about sports, she would be snatched up within a month and turned into a model, actress, etc.. Nowadays, hottest female sportscasters exist in every

Top 10 Hottest Womens In Sports

There has consistently been one thing the women bring to the house that the men just can’t compete with  their Attractive appeal. And it is not just the athletes. With most desirable women in sports , the field can go from WAGs to reporters and again aback about to the superfans.  A list like this has no