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RAGE Engine As Seen In: Rockstar Presents Table Tennis, GTA IV + Episodes, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire (rumoured) GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and Bully, for all their awesomeness, did not run off publisher Rockstar’s own tech, but were instead facilitated by Criterion’s Renderware engine. Yet it was the less commercial

Golf online game crafted by CryEngine 3

Possibly the best looking golf online game seen so far, Project OG was announced by Golfzon in Korea yesterday. a Golf online game crafted by CryEngine 3, Not a traditional MMO developer, the Korea-based company sells software golf simulators and has offices in Canada as well. As mentioned, CryEngine 3 is being used, and it already

Top 10 Best Games of 2013 For PC Xbox 360 PS3

Video Game is a means of providing interaction with a user to generate feedback on a video screen. Too many types of games are emerging nowadays, most popular of them are mission, racing , fighting games. Technology provides us a different platform to enjoy these games such as computer, mobile device, play station, xbox etc. Apart from Enjoyment

Top 10 High Graphics Games for PC Xbox and PS3

Today we will introduce some high definition graphical games designed for various electronic equipments. All of them requires extreme hardware configuration and have sold many copies earning billions of dollars around the world. Obviously it gives you the awesome experience as compared to past game but you also have to spend some money to update your computer’s hardware. Most of

Top 10 Best Car Racing Games In 2014

Playing racing game is a great way to get thrilling experience in your life. There are many games available that offer wonderful graphics that seems like a virtual reality. Many games have such a great quality that looks like a driving simulator. Technology provides us a different platform to enjoy these games on numerous platforms such

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC

Top 10 Best Cricket Games for PC: 1.EA Sports Cricket 2014 Game For PC # 1 in Cricket Games for PC EA Sports Cricket 2014 is a basically a cricket stimulation game powered by EA. EA Sports Cricket 2014 is available for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, PlayStation 2. As EA Sports is very popular