diet mistakes

There are plenty of misconceptions about dieting, which can make it difficult to lose weight. We’re here to clear up the diet mistakes that might be stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals. lets look at the 9 diet mistakes and how to avoid them.

9 diet mistakes and how to avoid them:


1..Don’t crash diet! It’s great for losing a few pounds before a holiday or an event, but it’s likely to hinder weight loss in the long term. Lose weight slowly and you’ll burn off fat. Lose weight too quickly and you’ll start losing muscle and tissue too. Sounds nasty!

2…Keep track of everything you eat. That biscuit (or two!) you had with your cup of tea, the sweets you ‘borrowed’ from the kids, the extra handful of chips… it all counts! To help, write everything you eat or drink down – this is an idea endorsed by diet giants including Weight Watchers.

3…Do not skip breakfast! Start the day with something healthy to boost your metabolism. It should also prevent you from snacking throughout the morning.

4…Move more! You can lose weight just by focusing on your diet alone, but exercising could help you lose a little bit extra and keep you toned.

5…Are you eating three fairly healthy meals a day but not seeing any weight loss results? Perhaps it’s time to check your portion sizes. For example, a recommended portion size for cereal is 40g – not filling your bowl to the brim!

6…Don’t weigh yourself too much – it can be discouraging if you don’t see a drastic change. Instead, go by the way your clothes feel on you. Weight also fluctuates during the menstrual cycle, so there will always be some natural fluctuations.

7…Check your food labels! Low in fat doesn’t mean low in calories – low-fat food is often full of added sugars.

8…Don’t cut out fat all together, as your body needs it for energy and tissue repair. Cut down on saturated fat, which is found in things like biscuits. Up your intake of healthy fats, such as those found in avocado.

9…You can snack – it may even increase your metabolism! Just stick to healthy snacks like a handful of nuts, rather than crisps or chocolate.

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