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sustainable bamboo products

Bamboo is a type of grass that grows to maturity after about five years, depending on the species. One of the easiest eco-friendly switches you can make in your bathroom is the toilet paper, and with 27,000 trees being cut down everyday just for TP, it’s a switch that is completely necessary. Very impressed; however I was looking for a bamboo washing up bowl, washing basket and small bucket. Biodegradable Square Bamboo Casing. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s completely biodegradable at the end of its lifetime. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly and sustainable resource. With a Bambaw safety razor all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade. The bamboo is naturally heat resistant so you can place it on your lap without danger of burning or scalding. Eco-conscious skateboarders and everyone who likes maple syrup on their pancakes (so, basically everyone) wants to put a stop to this. There are two main types of bamboo products which we can use instead of their plastic or paper alternatives. Price: £16.99 | Size: Men or Women | Buy On Amazon. It's actually a type of grass, making it fast to grow and harvest, and it also regrows after being cut without any need for uprooting. By exposing the bags to sunlight for 1 to 2 hours a month you can recharge them and extend their life up to 2 years. Price: £9.99 | Size: 1 Set | Buy On Amazon. We love to see this kind of enthusiasm for bamboo! Bamboo flooring can suit any design scheme, so no matter what your décor, you can have a bamboo floor to match. You may not immediately think of bamboo when it comes to towels, but the plant has been used to make fabric for centuries. Did you know you can actually switch out that set for a hand-carved bamboo alternative? Unlike some plastic salad bowls which crack easily this bowl is built to last so it is ideal for everyday use. Bamboo products include anything that can be made of wood. We are a UK based sustainable bamboo paper company; we make Tissues for your sneezes and Toilet Roll for your essential times. The problem is that a lot of these areas are out of the way, which means that you either increase your carbon footprint by driving there or end up putting them in a landfill. This follows the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle system which aims to reduce the total amount of waste we create. Bamboo is the most sustainable material on the planet thanks to its rapid growth (up to a meter per day) and enormous carbon sequestration capacity, superior to any other plant species. bamboo products. This bamboo charcoal water filter works by attracting the ions of contaminants to the surface of the carbon and, at the same time, releasing minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water. The bamboo handle ensures a good grip for a clean shave. Price: £20 | Size: 500 ml / 17 fl oz | Buy On Amazon. Instead, they inspire and connect people all around the world – resulting in a solution to our plastic crisis . Many even wind up in the oceans where they can do untold harm to marine life. But, you might be able to find some small businesses to support by doing a quick search. Okay, so for all their positives, bamboo floors can’t think for themselves… as far as we know. I did some research andcreated a list of the benefits of bamboo as a sustainable material: 1. craziness!! I started with a vision to create a company which could help to address our disposable culture through sustainable products and increase awareness through our community. As a result of a movement towards sustainability, bamboo has become increasingly popular in recent years. Price: £11.99 | Size: 6 Pack | Buy On Amazon. Worse, there’s no way to recycle them. ... so most of the bamboo products come from subtropical areas like Asia or Latin America. How are you making your home (or local area) greener? Half of the pads have one side slightly harder and the other softer to match what you need. Explore our collection of cookware, dinnerware, serving pieces, and kids items. Price: £16.99 | Size: 1 Pack | Buy On Amazon. Our sustainable Bamboo Products will allow you to ditch plastic and make a difference for our planet! With its properties comparable to hardwood, Moso bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods. Even modern homes can enjoy the many benefits of bamboo floors. Every little bit helps and even small changes add up! It is at least as strong as wood and has greater tensile strength than steel. If you are trying to cut down the amount of plastic, paper and other disposable materials you’re using there are many eco-friendly bamboo products you can use instead. or use it for longer than the recommended three months. These high quality dual-tipped bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and made from organically grown cotton. So it is up to us as responsible consumers to find sustainable alternatives to plastic. So the vast majority of bamboo products on this list are reusable. Enjoy our full range of sustainable products. Price: £15.97 | Size: Extra Large (45cm x 30cm x 2cm) | Buy On Amazon. If you’re using a desktop computer, you’ve probably already experienced your keyboard buttons popping off as you type, or the plastic casing of your mouse breaking and letting the ball escape. These reusable bamboo cups won’t affect the flavour or smell of your drink and are perfect for everyday use. going veggie or using public transportation. Seek Bamboo aims to change that one bathroom routine at a time with affordable, high-quality products that can serve as a better alternative to plastic. When you are finished you can put them in a compost bin to biodegrade naturally. You can see just how gentle this is in the video above. Don’t believe me? This set includes two pairs of chopsticks and 50 wax papers so you are ready to create your next Asian feast. In most areas, you have to take them to the dump or a specialized recycling plant. At World of Bamboo we provide eco friendly, reusable, wooden bamboo plastic-alternative products. Price: From £5.59 to £22.39 | Size: 1 Pack to 4 Pack | Buy On Amazon. Disposable plastic drinking straws are a scourge on the modern environment with Americans using an estimated 500 million of the things per day. It … Each pack contains 12 straws divided into two widths. Let’s take a more detailed look. It’s no secret that life on our little blue planet is often substantially less green than it could be, from entire forests being cut down to satisfy the logging industry – to oil leaking out into our oceans – to litter building up in our streets. Price: £8.99 | Size: 12 Pack | Buy On Amazon. Essential oils can help lift your mood, relieve stress, aid sleep, minimise allergic reactions and increase your energy. So it is perfect for home or professional use. Bamboo plants can be harvested by hand, so there’s no need for heavy machinery that kicks out pollution as it runs. Price: £17.95 | Size: 4 Pack | Buy On Amazon. The bags are available in three different sizes for your shoes, car and around the home. These are reusable bamboo products and disposable bamboo products. It saves water, prevents deforestation, and reduces carbon emissions. The towels are also super strong, amazingly absorbent and highly versatile. This extra large bamboo laundry basket is light but sturdy ensuring it can handle regular use without deforming. It is best if you use it for things like sandwiches, salads, grains, pastas, vegan meals and snacks. After each use you can pop your bowl in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. They’ll already know the problems (i.e. Also, thanks to bamboo’s antibacterial qualities, you can feel safe using them for all your smoothies, sodas, and soy milkshakes. Because bamboo only takes a short time to grow, it is better to use this for creating products in our homes instead of using hardwoods that can take decades to grow, metals that are harvested from the center of the earth, or plastics that are created from our fast-depleting oil sources. Recyclable. Using these incredible bamboo products and skipping products made from less sustainable sources is a small way to be more earth kind this year. Sustainable & Affordable. Making use of more sustainable raw materials like bamboo for the every day products we use all the time is the perfect place to start. That’s hardly the area where you want to skimp on softness, is it? Bamboo can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees which can take 30+ years to grow. Unlike wooden cutting boards, a bamboo chopping board doesn’t absorb liquids easily and won’t soak in food odours or stains making it less prone to cracking, warping and smelling. GREAT!!!! 95% of the bamboo on the market is bamboo viscose. Wherever possible it is more sustainable to use a reusable product than a disposable one. These are reusable bamboo products and disposable bamboo products. Ideal for a dinner party with an Asian inspired menu. Let us know if you end up purchasing something! Price: £26.99 | Size: Fits Most Bath Sizes | Buy On Amazon. There are many ways that bamboo flooring is eco-friendly and, therefore, a great green investment for your home, especially compared to hardwood floors. These disposable bamboo plates and cutlery are strong when you’re using them and also easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly way. The bamboo fibre has no sharp edges, is crack resistant and suitable for all ages. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Laundry goes in the washable liner bag which has two compartments so you can separate out lights and darks saving you time when it comes to doing the washing. Making the air breathable: Most people know that all plants take in CO2 and emit oxygen during photosynthesis, but you can be forgiven for not knowing that bamboo does this four times more effectively than hardwood trees. This follows the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle system which aims to reduce the total amount of waste we create. Some bamboo products are really not eco-friendly at all but others definitely are. It’s the next best thing to using a bidet. This creates less frizz and helps to prevent your hair breaking from static so you can have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. At Seek Bamboo, we understand it isn’t about us. Bamboo Choices are dedicated to making this change easier and possible for the masses. Price: £9.19 | Size: 1 Pack | Buy On Amazon. Two billion plastic toothbrushes are ending up in landfills every year, but it’s not like you can give up brushing your teeth (gross!) Just keep it in your bag and rinse with clean water after use. Our list of 30 eco-friendly bamboo products has sustainable swaps that help you cut down plastic when you are on the go, in the kitchen, bathroom or around the house. You can easily clean the utensils after use in the dishwasher or by hand. Your email address will not be published. The Reusaboo lunchbox and water bottle set is the perfect replacement for packaging heavy lunch meal deals and is ideal for enjoying your lunch on the go. We are changing the world, one cup at a time. Let’s look at just a few. Inexpensive. Bamboo Clothing at Even our sunglasses contain plastic which makes a pair of bamboo sunglasses a more sustainable and, possibly, more stylish option. Disposable cutlery is one of the most irritating things for many eco-friendly people because you rarely think about taking a fork to work for your lunchtime salad or checking out the utensil situation at a café before ordering. Thus, without further delay, we present you with our top 13 bamboo products we wouldn’t be without. Popular Sustainable Home Goods & Bamboo Products. It’s often hard to recycle electrical products when they break because they’re made up of a mixture of plastics, metals, and really scary looking wires. Bamboo is much more sustainable than plastic and paper because it’s fast growing, renewable, absorbs large amounts of CO2 and produces more oxygen than other plants. Bamboo is a renewable resource: when it is harvested, it continue s to grow new shoots from its amazing root system. From indoor to outdoor, from daily life to building project, small craft into large boards, all the products are in high quality. Thanks for reading :). It includes a knife, fork, spoon and straw in a jute travel pouch so it is convenient and easy to carry around.

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