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Research compiled by fashionable swimwear retailer Swimwear365 has revealed that women spend more time checking out other women than ogling their male counterparts – checking out your competition it appears, is more important than sussing out top totty…

The study of 2,000 females showed that ladies have an overly keen interest in what other women are wearing, the brand of their handbag and if they have fake boobs or not. And we like to think we’re not judgemental! In fact, 42% of women admitted that on a daily basis, they dress to impress female peers rather than male, especially when getting dressed up for a night out.

The revealing poll also exposed the fact that a third of women instantly eye up a woman to see if she is thinner than them and half of them enjoy making this comparison.

80% ogle at the beach:


And where does most of this same-sex competitive ogling occur? That’s right ladies, the beach. In fact, four fifths of the women interviewed said they indulged in a sneaky peak at other women whilst sunbathing.

43% check out their swimwear and one in twenty compare tans, so the next time you click to buy bikinis,you’ve got a lot to bear in mind!

“There is not one woman who doesn’t love people watching and having a sneaky look at other women,” says Helen Boyle, stylist for Swimwear365.

“It’s only natural to compare ourselves and the way we look to how other women dress and of course their figure,” she continued.

Helen explains that the beach is “the best place to have a nose at other women, you don’t usually get to see people half-dressed and in so much detail.”


She added, “Women check-out other women because they can relate to them and they know how hard it can be to keep a trim figure or maintain healthy hair.

“As this research shows, the beach is the prime location for checking-out people’s shapes, sizes and even the bikini they are wearing, so it’s wise to remember that on your next holiday.

“Swimwear365 stock thousands of swimwear styles which can cater for any figures, whether you have a curvy shape, a flat-chest or whether you want a one piece swimsuit or the skimpiest of bikinis.”

Green eyed monster?

women dress to impress

Healthy competitiveness aside, there were other slightly less than ‘nice’ facts revealed about our sex though. According to the survey, 16% of ladies make sure they check out women’s roots, whilst keeping an eye out for cellulite and one in ten of us keep an eye out for whether or not the woman in question is wearing a wedding ring. Additionally, one in ten women said they always wanted to look the best when comparing.

The study highlighted our obsession with the perceived need to look good, which arguably can be healthy in small, friendly doses – but looking out especially for other women’s fashion faux pas and marital status slightly over steps the mark, don’t you think?

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We should be celebrating our bodies, without feeling the need to criticise and watch out for other women’s flaws – there’s a notable difference between appreciating a peer’s toned physique and feeling satisfied with yourself because the lady you’re ogling hasn’t had time to pop to the hairdressers!

Thankfully, 40% of women said that they didn’t compare other women in a spiteful way, and nearly half said they frequently compliment women they don’t know on how they look. It’s just working on that other 60% – come on girls, let’s stick together on this one!

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