Silent killer! That’s what diabetes actually deserves to be called. Looking at the chain of problems it can initiate, doctors consider it as one of the worst health troubles one can have. In the beginning, the rise in sugar level would seem very normal. But for many people, blood sugar has been the root cause of heart attacks. With the increase in the number of people diagnosed with this disease, scientists have started to look for better medicines and treatments for it.Yoga is known to have done miracles in many people’s lives. Treatment of diseases as serious as cancer has become easier with regular practice of yoga. Diabetes too can be controlled with it, yeah, it one of the yoga benefits.Lets Look at the 3 yoga exercises For keeping diabetes in control.

3 yoga exercises For keeping diabetes in control.


Pranayama yoga pose

Sit down on a mat with folded legs. It is better to sit in the Padmasana position. Keep your back straight and place your hands on the knees, palms facing upwards. Keeping your chin parallel to the ground, inhale deeply and hold your breath and count till five. Then exhale slowly. Do this breathing exercise at least ten times. Then rub your palms together till they get warm and immediately place them on your eyes(keeping them closed) . Slowly open your eyes and smile. Deep inhalation and exhalation brings in more oxygen to the blood. It also improves blood circulation, brings your mind at peace and allows your nerves to relax.
Another type of Pranayama involves inhaling through one nostril while keeping the other closed and exhaling from the other nostril in the same way. This exercise helps to improve eyesight.


Setubandhasana yoga pose

Lie on the mat with your back down. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. The lift your body keeping head, neck and feet on the floor. Stay in this position for for at least 30 seconds. If you are already flexible enough, you can also clasp your fingers beneath your back. This posture helps to regulate blood pressure and relieves stress.


Balasana yoga pose

This posture, also known as the child’s pose greatly helps to relieve stress. Sit down on your knees, bend and stretch your hands as far as you can. In this posture, your ankles, thighs and hips get gently stretched. This helps to calm your mind and prevents fatigue. It is also known to lower back pain.Stress can cause diabetes to get worse. Above mentioned yoga exercises will help to relieve stress and thus keep sugar levels in check.

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