Born on 21st January 1953, Paul Gardner Allen is an American investor, Philanthropist and Business magnate, who is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft together with bill gates. As of 2013, Paul was titled as being the 53rd richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $15 billion. On the other hand, Bill Gates is an American philanthropist, business magnate, computer programmer, investor, and inventor. Bill is a former chairman and CEO of Microsoft, the world biggest personal computer software company, which he established together with Paul Allen.

Paul Allen has a memoir titled ‘Idea Man’ that is coming soon. In it, Allen discusses some crazy stories and facts about his friend Gates. Early assertions from the title portray Gates as a strong negotiator who convinced Allen to settle for a relatively smaller ownership interest in a firm they founded together. However, the book also highlights some lighter anecdote about bill right from his childhood and start-up of Microsoft to the spirited philanthropist we know today. If you only know bill in his older philanthropic roles, you may not know a lot about the hard charging thriller who build the most profitable technology company in the history of man. Here are the 10 weird stories about Bill Gates that you will learn from Paul Allen book.Bill Gates1

10. He Ate A Whole Roast Chicken Using A Spoon

Allen says, “Bill had very no patience for social conventions and customs. One time when my girlfriend Rita prepared a roast chicken for him, he ate the whole thing using a spoon.”

9. During High School, He Went In Dumpster Hoping To Find Source Codes

While in high School, Allen and Gates honed their programming knowledge on DEC minicomputer that belonged to a local computer firm called C-Cubed. Since they were still students, they were not allowed access to lot of information compared to the company’s full-time employees, and this frustrated them. So, during nights, Allen would wake and boost the younger Bill up to the top of C-Cubed Dumpsters, where they would then start searching for interesting stuff. Hoping to find source codes. Once, they saw a printout of the top 10 source coded, and unlocked a many secrets.

8. He and Paul Once Hacked A Company’s Accounting File To Strive And Access A Free Computing Time

As charges went up for their paid computing time at school, Allen and Gates started searching for ways to access a free account at C-Cubed. They once accessed an administrator’s password, and utilized it to hack and steal the firm’s internal accounting file. (P. Allen does not provide details of how they obtained the password). Gates and Paul were hoping they could successfully decrypt the accounting file to gain access to a free computing account at the firm, but they were caught and fired.

7. He Wrote High School’s Scheduling Software To Book Himself Into English Classes With Girls: All Girls

One summer, gate contracted and successfully won a tender to write a subject and class scheduling software for his school. He ensured he book himself into classes with a dozen of girls and no boys. Warren said that he put him in a similar schedule but in a different class: Maybe to eliminate the competition.

6. He Went Skiing With A Yet To Heal Broken Leg

During his senior year in high school, Bill and Paul were working on a part-time programming job in southern Washington State, and they were sharing a room. One night, bill walked home witha broken leg…he had snapped his leg water skiing. He had been scheduled to go into Seattle and stay in the cast for seven weeks, but after only three weeks, he should up having removed the cast. His partly healed leg was black at some points, but Allen could not keep him from going skiing again. Paul writes, “As if by magic, his leg some how held up. Up-to-date it has not given bill any problem.”

5. He Lost And Won Thousands And Hundreds Of Dollars Gambling At Harvard

Bill GatesBill was a common at the evening poker games held in the residence hall at Harvard. Allen recalls that bill would lose or win hundred of dollars in a single night, and soon he was dropping thousands on the table. But all was not lost, according to Paul Allen, “The game taught Bill how to bluff, this benefited him later on.”

4. He Would Work Elongated Sessions Without Sleeping, And Later Nap On The Floor Of His Office

Gates was fond of staying up the whole night working. One day, a newly employed secretary came in to find him spread out on the floor. She thought Bill was sick and unconscious, but bill had simply been up the entire weekend and was having a quick nap.

3. He Did Slides On A Bannister At A Halloween Party

As Microsoft commenced to see some success, Allen threw a huge Halloween party in his house. Bill got kicked out for sliding on the banister. Allen says, “He would run at his top speed and throw himself on the banister, and glide towards the kitchen.”

2. He Rode like a Maniac

In the start up day of Microsoft, Bill got too many speeding tickets that he decided to outsource the best traffic attorney across Washington D.C to get him out of trouble. One time he borrowed a friend’s Porsche 928 only to spun and bottomed it out. The repairs took more than a year.

1. One Time, Gates Hijacked the Control Panel Of An Airport– And Made The Jet To Come Back

One day in the early 90s, Bill and Paul were late to catch a jet at San Francisco Airport. As their jet pulled away, Gates run-up to the control tower and commenced pushing buttons, He was hoping to move Jet back. Allen says, I thought he would get arrested but surprisingly, someone called the jet back for us.” Well, these are the 10 things you can learn from bill gates from the recent, Allen Paul Memoire. Which one do you find to be more captivating? Do you know more things about bill gates that you feel you would like us to know? Feel free to leave us a comment and let the world know.