Chrome has emerged as the top browser with its minimalist looks and fast loading capabilities. The fascinating latest updates have improved the look of this modern browser with increased security. Take a look at browser share of Google Chrome Over The Past Years. where we can see Google chrome has worked very hard to get to this top stage.

Once you have started using chrome you will not switch to any other browser and skinning the browser theme to  your personal needs is simply possible with these below introduced themes. Some of these may look like my personal preferences so let me know if you have any favorites.

How to Manually Add new themes to Chrome ?

The themes i have added here can be installed automatically but sometimes you may encounter themes done by third party websites and who allow download only from their websites. In case if you have to manually install a chrome theme it is as easy as it gets. Drag and drop the downloaded theme into chrome browser while in this page chrome://extensions/

How to manually-install-chrome-theme

IF You Don’t Like the Theme, Resetting to Default Theme is Simple !!!

Removing a chrome theme or reset back to default chrome theme is possible in chrome browser. Go to Menu > Settings > Appearance. The appearance section is found on the front page of the settings page so finding it is very easy.

how to Reset Default Theme in chrome browser

How to Set Custom Background ?

Customize your theme or just add a custom background to default theme with a app which is available for free in Google Chrome store. The custom background app will allow you to change the chrome background to display your favorite installed chrome apps in style. The free features of this chrome app allows images to be added even from 500px and remote url. Make a collection of your favorite backgrounds today with this app. Lets Look at the 15 Best Themes for Chrome Browser.

15 Best Themes for Chrome Browser :

1.Cirque du Soleil

circus-inspired-theme for chrome browser

A circus inspired grey sliver color theme with a lady performing a routine dance movement. The abstract background will add to the total effect for the browser.


2.Lamborghini Sesto

lamborghini theme for chrome browser

A lamborghini theme to support high resolution desktop systems for your chrome browser.



raindrops theme for chrome browser

A non aero theme with raindrop effect on the browser.


4.Beautiful Landscape Theme

landscape theme for chrome browser

A landscape theme for nature loving fans with green color background.


5.Totoro Rainy Day

totoro theme for chrome browser

A beautiful classic anime from ghibli studio which released a decade ago.  This calming anime theme and screenshot is very popular among anime fans.



porsche for chrome browser theme

With long line of Porsche show this theme is for anyone. I really dig the Porsche font at the right end of the theme.


7.Lone Tree

lonetree theme for chrome browser

A beautiful sunset radiateing light of life throguhout the whole world. This theme can shed a light on our daily work life.


8.Fiery Horse chrome Theme

fiery_horse theme for chrome browser

A redhot horse fire effect introduced with this fiery theme for chrome browser.


9.Green Abstract Theme

Yulia theme for chrome browser

A green and white mixed abstract leaf theme for chrome.


10.Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

ac4-theme for chrome browser

Since assassins creed has been released this theme is one for those who still play it. I’m a fan of AC3 still hoping to find time to play AC4.


11.Legend of zelda

zelda theme for chrome browser

A popular old school game which is truly lovely to have as a chrome theme.


12.Attack on Titan – Colossal vs Mikasa

titan theme for chrome browser

Shingeki no kyojin is the latest anime series which has hit the world with unique gigantic titans feasting humans. Eitherways this artistic theme of mikasa and eren fighting a colossal titan is just amazing.


13.Cherry Blossom

cherry theme for chrome browser


14.Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet theme for chrome browser

A fantasy game theme background and menu bar. Ratchet and clank theme is inspired by the video game of the same name.


15.Robot Theme

droid-theme for chrome browser

A theme inspired by Android OS with a clean show of droid and circuits.For Android Lovers…


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