12 Simple Way to Lose Weight

Some people reckon that losing weight is the easiest thing in the world to do, because you simply have to eat less and move more!But although it sounds simple in theory, the reality is that you have to contend with many emotions and obstacles that may effect your ability to lose weight.

These tips will help you keep on track with your weight loss attempts.Although they are the basics i’m sure there are a few you didn’t know about, so you will definitely find this article useful.Lets Look at the 12 Simple Ways to Lose Weight.

12 Simple Ways to Lose Weight:

1- Be Sure You are Ready

You need to be ready to change your weight as it takes determination and motivation. You need to really want to change before trying.If your not fully ready to change you will fail and this failure will stick with you and may prevent you from ever feeling confident in yourself enough to ever completely change your appearance and health.

2- Get Motivated

Watch weight loss programs where people try to lose weight. Maybe put pictures of yourself on your bedroom wall of when you were skinnier as it will help to motivate you to keep up with new lifestyle changes, or perhaps put a picture up of someone who’s figure you would love to have.

Whenever you Trying to do something Difficultly, you May Get Bored By that.. Don’t Let It to happen, Do that Continuously for 7 days, Then you Will Automatically do that Next Time..  

3- Set Small Regular Goals

There is not really much point setting massive unrealistic goal for yourself such as losing 2 stone in a month, because lets face it, if you do this you are setting yourself up for a fall.Another tip to lose weight is to remember it didn’t take a month to put 2 stone on so its going to take a lot more than a month to get it off!

Setting smaller weekly goals is more realistic and therefore more motivating when you reach these set goals each week.You might think setting yourself a goal of losing 2-3lb a week isn’t exactly the weight loss you where hoping for, but think about it in just 4 weeks that’s almost half a stone. When you reach your set goal at the end of each week set another to help keep your determination up.

4- Ditch Crash Diets

Although some diets are celebrity endorsed, this doesn’t always mean the celebrity has used that product to lose weight.Even if these the diet product is in fact used by the celebrities that the manufacturers have claimed used them doesn’t necessarily mean they they are the best way to lose weight.

Fad diet only ever work short term and aren’t always healthy as they often lowering your immune system and leave you feeling weak and way to unable to keep up any diet! Wise food choices and normal food portions are the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

5- Think Clever

Weight loss is a simple equation. Eat less calorie than your body needs each day and you will lose weight even without exercise!Alternatively you can eat all the food you want but once you are using exercise to burn off those extra calories its a fact you won’t put on weight.

Think about it! The average female body needs 2000 calories just to keep the body alive, if she ate 2500 all she has to do is exercise and burn just 600 calories and she will lose weight each month. It’s also a good idea to eat metabolism boosting foods also.

6- Try Keeping a Food Diary

This is actually quite an effective tip to lose lose.This is because most people eat absentmindedly, maybe while cooking the kids dinner you nibble without even realizing your doing it.Being vigilant and writing down everything you eat will help you identify where your calories are coming from and will help you better track and control your caloric intake.

Carrying around a little diary with you on a daily basis will help you keep track, it might also help if you write down how you are feeling when you eat.This will help you to determine whether you are an emotional eater or not and if you are, it will help you prevent it from occurring (eg: if you notice boredom causes you to eat you know you will need to get up and do something that keeps your interest in order to prevent unnecessarily eating when feeling bored).

7- Start with Small Changes

Making just small changes will really make a difference in your weight. Think grilling and steaming instead of frying, using the stairs instead of the lift and choosing lower calorie food option where possible.

8- Let Family and Friends Know

Another great tip to lose weight would be to let people know that you are serious about trying to reduce your weight, this will encourage them to support you and not hinder your progress in any way.

If they are unaware of your attempt to lose weight they are more likely to act as normal asking you to go on girly lunches and buying sweet treats for your birthday and even times when they visit you for a catch up.

9- Eat as Often as you can

Eating small every 2 to 3 hours will stop you from becoming hungry with no control and will also stop your metabolism from slowing down.As  well as that it will keep your blood sugars steady keeping your energy levels up and keep those cravings at bay.

10- Keep Temptation Away

Out of sight is definitely out of mind when your trying to lose weight.Its best not to even have any treats in your cupboard for guests because everyone has their weak moments and if there is something that is sweet and high in calories in your home, chances are you will find yourself indulging.

These sweet tweets are probably the reason you are overweight and unhealthy in the first place, so avoiding the as much as possible is definitely within your best interest!

11- Do Not Deny Yourself a Treat

Have one day a week where you treat yourself to you favorite bar of chocolate once its not one of those huge share bars that you use to normally eat to yourself.

If you prefer to make your treat a non food one then save the money that you would have normally spent on that bottle of wine or those munchies during the week and spent it on a nice manicure or a nice wash cut and blow dry.This is an excellent  reward system that gives you motivation to keep up with your new life style changes.

12- Get Enough Sleep

Studies have shown that when you don’t get enough sleep it effects your appetite making you more inclined to over eat.

You need at least 7 to 8 hours sleep so the hormone ghrelin and leptin (that control appetite) can be kept under control.

These are just a few tips to lose weight and by no means is this an exhausted list. However it  will help you on your way to a slimmer figure if you take them into consideration.

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