10 Facts About Men And Women:

1.Human relationships:

Women have abilities to communicate effectively than men. Women understands the emotions which are not expressed. Where as Men had a bad time understanding any thing related to the emotions. Men are more task oriented and less talkative where as women focusing on the solution that works for the group.

2.Problem solving:

Men’s left hemisphere process better than the women which makes men stronger in solving a specific task or a problem. Where as women tends to solve that problem more creatively than men.

3.Mathematical Abilities:

Inferior Patietal lobule(IPL) is a part of brain that control the mathematical ability which larger in men than women. That’s the reason why men’s performance always dominates women in Mathematics. Interesting fact is that, the area of inferior Patietal lobule in Einstein’s brain is extremely large.


Men feels more stress than women. Stress is caused due to the release of hormone oxytoxin . During the time of stress men produce high levels of oxytoxin where as women has strong bonding between these hormones.

5. Language:

Women tend to learn more languages than men because two major parts of the brainare responsible for language. It is found that these areas are larger in women than in men. In addition to this, the language processing has been done in only one hemisphere for men where as this processing has done in both the hemisphere’s in women.

6. Emotions:

Women are expressive in nature and they express and communicate better than men. They possess larger deep limbic system than men which makes them to have more feelings and emotions than men. So, Most of the women serve as the caregivers for children.

7.Brain size:

Men’s brain is 11-12 % bigger than women’s brain. It won’t make a statement that men are intelligent than women, it is because men have great muscle power and weight their brain size is significantly larger than women


Women feel more pain than the man because at the time of pain  the part of the brain amygdala is activated. In men left amygdala is activated and in women right amygdala is activated. The right amygdala has more connections with internal organs of the body. So, Women feels more pain at the time of injuries.

9. Recalling Power:

Where recalling the things women are better than men. They easily finds the things than men do.


Both men and women have disorders because the functions of the two hemispheres are different. Women mostly suffering with the depression and anxiety where men with autism and Tourette’s syndrome.Did You Like This 10 Facts About Men And Women Article ? If so Give us a Like and Share… 😛